Insult to injury


500x_500x_hioldldayToday’s DSi XL news is akin to an Olympic sprinter outrunning a man with no legs, but I’m going to bring it to you anyway because I’m a smug Nintendo fanman who loves to kick stupid products when they’re down. Deal with it.

Basically, the DSi XL is beating the hapless PSPGo in Japan to the tune of 103,524 to 28,000 units in the first week two days of respective sales. The DSi, in comparison, moved 170,000 units.

As we saw with Naomi’s fine Japan reporting, the XL (called LL in Nippon), which is the latest DSi to grace store shelves courtesy the Big N, launched with much success and energy. Update: Edited to say two days.


  1. Ugh… this thing… Why, Nintendo, why?

  2. Don’t worry so much, it’s for old people! (see also: the photo)

  3. Jack, you identified your problems well. Good job.

  4. Except you misreported that. Those numbers are for the first day. The 170,000 is for the first two days.

    Not the first week.

  5. Er, 2 day period. I am tired. But yeah, still not a week. ;p

  6. @John: Thanks for being you, man! And thanks for the page view!

  7. I try. 🙂 But seriously Jacktasim, get a broader idea of the gaming world. Every time you post I feel sad inside myself, deep down in my heart parts… because its always the same thing, “Nintendo is great, everyone else sucks.”

    I’d like to make a request of you, let your next post be some critique of Ninty, and a uplifting of some other company. There is a lot of good out there that Miyamoto has nothing to do with.

  8. Yay! Go team!


    Jack, you suffer from some sort of disease. Do you cheer the same way for Hoover vacums over Bissell vacums? Or Old Navy over The Gap? Why spend you life worshiping a corporation? Unless Nintendo is paying you to do this, its completely and utterly sad. If company A makes a great game, buy it. If company B makes a great game, buy that to. This partisan attitude has no place in gaming. Its supposed to be about fun, rather than automatically whining about any game that isn’t Nintendo.

    Why Blake hasn’t fired you I’ll never know. Well, actually I do. Your stories draw page views because people like me can’t help but comment and re-comment on the idiocy located in said story.

    You could learn a lot from Ben Gilbert. Follow him on Joystiq. Study him.

  9. “Intelligent passion for all things Nintendo”.

    That’s what’s written just below the site’s name.
    But what you have just written is against that phrase.
    Less hate, more love!