Street Fighter 4 a possibility on the PSP?

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In a recent Q&A session on the Japanese Capcom blog. Capcom’s own Natsuki Shiozawa showed an interest in releasing a version of Street Fighter 4 for the PSP. Especially after the confirmation of Street Fighter 4 hitting some apple platforms. He even went so far as to say that the development team that is currently working on Super Street Fighter 4 is interested in the idea as well.

While that’s cool and all… The first question that pops up in my head is “Why not the Wii?” I mean we have Tatsunoko vs Capcom, but that’s just an offshoot series. While great in many respects, it still doesn’t stand up to a traditional street fighter.

What are your thoughts on this subject?

[Via Capcom Japan]

17 Responses to Street Fighter 4 a possibility on the PSP?

  1. ac says:

    a lot of hipporcritical stuff happens on wii. doesn’t surprise me in the least. in any case, tatsunoko vs capcom being on wii, an exclusive, i think in most people’s eyes has satisfied wii owner’s hunger for a fighter. the omission of SF4 now isn’t being missed that much.

  2. matt says:

    sf4 isnt as good a game as tvc so what ever sf4 visuals look stupic big overgrown hands and feet and a very childish look tvc is very nice grown up look to it much better game

  3. srkelley says:

    The same thing happened with Assassin’s Creed…

  4. Ptolemy says:

    Yeah, no SF4 for Wii makes my head spin. They must assume that the Wii owners that want SF4 also have an HD console and thats all they want it for. SF4 on the Wii from the get go may have hurt sales of TvC sales, and a release of SF4 for Wii now would most certainly cannibalize sales of TvC so close to its release.
    I hope that TvC does really well and they wake up and give us SF4 eventually. Personally, I don’t have either game, but I want both for Wii.

  5. Mohan says:

    Oh that would awesome SF 4 on the Wii, sitting next to TvC would be a dream come true.

  6. Lord Toker says:

    oh tatsunoko vs. capcom has only wet my lips for more fighters especially capcom ones (which happen to be my favorites as i fell in love with sfII before mortal kombat). i want sfIV as much as anyone possibly can, but won’t hold my breath. it seems every time we’re thrown a bone everyone else gets a steak.

  7. elmer says:

    I know right!?

    First it’s not powerful enough, but the answer to that is the iphone and the PSP. Then it doesn’t have the right controls, but then there’s the iphone, the 360’s broken dpad and the presence of TvC. Then it’s that fighters don’t sell on the Wii, but the answer to that is that the best selling fighter of all time is on the Wii, and fighters have been otherwise untested. Then it’s the ‘coreness’ of the property which can’t possibly sell on the Wii, but big core franchises have been selling pretty consistently on the Wii, not to mention the TvC argument once again (and Capcom’s own RE successes). Then it’s the development cost vs potential profitability argument, which is again countered by many an iphone game, many a PSP game and their whole HD development strategy (not to mention the PC receiving a port of SF IV). Then people argue that analysts at the companies obviously know the situation better than we ‘the commenters’ do, but given the consistency of their past financial and sales ineptitude Dark Void, Bionic Commando perhaps?), and the veracity of us, many of the vgchartz number watchers calling it, that’s frankly bullcrap.

    Look, from a Nintendo fan’s persepective, the real problem is that the litany of reasons and counterarguments makes them sound like excuses, and us sound like whinge bags. People say that we’ll never be happy. That we should be pleased with what we’ve got. That we should just accept the ‘fact’ that 3rd party games don’t sell on Wii. That we should just get a ‘real’ console. To them we’re just blind unjustified fanbois. It’s just that they’re wrong! Much the same way Sarah Palin is simply wrong. I know I’m right because I’m backed by fact and logic, even though it may be complex. I know they’re wrong because they’re countered by fact and logic, and backed only by verve, hatred and ignorance. The core truth is very simple – 3rd parties hate Nintendo – and apparently they despise us, much the same way our contemporaries do. I can’t really explain it. Certainly any reasons I’d give (bad taste left over from the SNES, a frat boy developer ethic, possible anticompetitive monies changing hands or ‘agreements’ taking place, a workforce raised on PSX) would be similarly argued against. I’ve seen this phrase cropping up in this industry with increasing frequency, used both on one side retardedly, and by the other side ironically:

    Nintendo can’t win.

    And apparently neither can we.

  8. EdEN says:

    Well, I own a PS3 as well so if SF IV isn’t released on Wii I’ll get SSF IV on PS3 when the price drops. It still is weird that they’ll release it for the iPhone, consider the PSP, and then say that the Wii isn’t powerful enough or doesn’t have the proper controller imput. I mean, a fighter on iPhone can control better than with Wiimote+Nunchuck, Classic Controller or Fight Stick… really CAPCOM?

  9. Kaspian says:

    Maybe Nintendo just isn’t letting Capcom nickle and dime consumers with DLC on SFIV, so they won’t release the game on the Wii, and are just making excuses to cover their behind. Conspiracy theory? You decide! :p

  10. Surgical Precision says:

    I don’t know… On one hand this is Capcom who traditionally has a bad habit of doing things for one group & not the other this console generation… (Just as seen & elaborated upon by others here already)

    But then again… This is Capcom… I mean porting things over & over again is just what they do… It’s there “THING”…

    I’ve also kinda noticed a strange trend with a few high caliber Third Party Wii titles… They seem to be developed side by side (If not ported from) PSP games of the same name…

    GuiltyGear AC & GGAC+ Both follow this trend as does Monster Hunter 3 Tri (Mind you the latter was developed further for it’s Wii debut & was not just a port)

    I do believe there are other games as well but my point being here is maybe a PSP port of SSF4 should be taken as a vary good sign for Wii owners as it all but insures the game eventually finding it’s way onto Nintendo’s little box just like my other examples above…?

    But then again who knows really… I don’t know how well TvC has sold so far & the one & only thing that could keep Capcom from wanting to do what they’ve always done best is if they truly somehow see no prophet in it… (As ludicrous as that sounds to me)

  11. srkelley says:

    I’d play Super SF IV if it hits the Wii, but from the little I’ve seen and played of tatsunoko,it’s the better game. This is coming from someone who played the hell out of SF everything on the Dreamcast.

  12. Brian says:

    When SF4 first came out, I thought they were crazy to deny Wii owners. Well I have TVC and it is the better game by far to me. I would rather play TVC on my PSP and… ahem… DS2. Make that happen Capcom!

  13. Brian says:

    Honestly get on an RE4 styled RE5 for the Wii, Capcom. Forget SF4. I don’t really care.

  14. gojiguy says:

    TvC is the better game but I really want SFIV on Wii.

    The demand is there and Capcom has acknowledged it.

  15. Reynard says:

    You know what? I have SF4, i’ve played it, know it, enjoy it… but to me TvC is by far the more interesting, more fun game.

  16. I was thinking the exact same thing.

    The other game I thought would for sure make it to the Wii was Street Fighter 2 HD Remix (or whatever it was called). I realize that the Wii can’t do HD graphics. But it can still show much nicer sprites than the Super Nintendo Version of SF2 we can get on Virtual Console.

    I’d love to play that game on my Wii.

  17. marko says:

    al final wii se queda viendo como para todas las demas consolas y equipos portatiles tienen alguna vercion de Stret Fighter,y le queda el RIDICULO consuelo de Tatsunoko vs Capcom. que sera exclusivo y todod eso, pero de ai no pasa a mas.sera que capcom no le interesa para nada la consola?…Al pareser no saldra nada mas,alfinal Wii se queda sin mas juegos de pelea, porque ni SNK saco algo mas…ES UN EMBOLE Y MEDIO CLAVO LA WII…SI.

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