Infendo Review: Nostalgia<br>Remember when games had a Story?


The Battle System

Nostalgia 05

Just like most hand held RPGs, the action generally takes place on the top screen, while the bottom screen consists of a menu and character health display. However, Nostalgia is a little different, since it has a more stylized health display that also displays who’s turn it is in battle. One of the more amusing things is that you get to see each characters face, and their portraits generally give you the weird eye.

Nostalgia 06

This turn order system is rather unique for a traditional RPG game. As the turns are generally random and dependent on a characters speed, yet having an turn order almost makes it like a tactical RPG. It allows you to plan your moves during hard battles. It’s easier to exploit this turn system and use certain character skills to delay an enemies turn or even move up one of your characters turn.

While battles are generally straight forward on the ground and in dungeons. Fighting in the sky with your airships is a different story. While airship battles retain the same system as dungeon battles, sky battles are a little more deadly, as you have to fight enemies in different zones.

Nostalgia Air

There are three different zones in an airship battle. Enemies can appear on either in front of your ship, or even to the left or right. There can be one or more enemies on either of these fronts and depending on how the enemy acts they can move to a different one during battle.

What makes these battles so deadly is that your airships weapons are effective for attacking different zones, and if an enemy is on your weak side your battle might take a while to finish. Yet, that isn’t the only problem with airship battles.

Since your airship is your only means of getting around you are more than likely going to venture into an area where the enemies are much stronger than you. Which can make flying around somewhat frustrating, as you can end up facing a strong enemy that takes a while to defeat. While it is really hard to determine where the stronger enemies are, I would suggest that you constantly buy new ship parts and beware hire elevations until your ship can handle stronger enemies.

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  1. I picked this one up. Really good! If you like rpgs like grandia, lunar or skies of arcadia, this one definetly up your alley.

  2. Awesome. I was honestly considering trying this one out. I’m a huge fan of old-school RPGs, and this seems to be based off of those. I can’t wait to give it a whirl. Good review by the way, you seemed to cover all the bases, or at least everything I’d need to know to get me interested.

  3. How the hell did they get to NYC?

    Anyway, cool, more old-school RPGS.

  4. Props to Will, as this is a damn fine point.

    One of my current favorite games is Fallout 3. I cant get enough of the game… the gameplay, the ambiance, just everything about it is fun. But I absolutely hate the storyline, if you could even call it that. Something in my mind forgives the complete lack of story. Im not sure what it is.

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