Mother 3 Translation Team And Nintendo!?

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Today, while I was checking the latest news update on the Mother 3 Translation project, I happened to notice a very unusually snippet of information. Hit the jump to find out what it could be.

When I was reading the update information it seemed to be all rather normal update information, hacking random things like script and other stuff. That is, until they mentioned this…

Professional translations are usually done in Excel spreadsheets and other mundane office documents, so this is all really nice to have. When reid and co. visited NOA last year, the people there were pretty amazed by the tools we’re using.”

What exactly could this mean? With a little bit of searching, and some people asking questions this happened to come up.

“An NOA friend of ours invited reid and co. since the convention was in Seattle last summer. So reid and a few people went over and visited with him and a few friends from Nintendo Power too. More info on it [here].

reid was planning on saying absolutely nothing about the project, but then THEY started asking about it and saying how they couldn’t wait to play the patch and stuff.”

Does that mean that Nintendo is unofficially supporting a fan translation or is this all hear say. Either way it is still very interesting to find out about that. So with that let me pose this question what is your view on this, and fan translations in general Infendoites?

[Via Mato of Mother 3 Translation Blog]

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