Infendo Review: Nostalgia<br>Remember when games had a Story?


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The leveling system in Nostalgia is an interesting one. While you still gain a mixture of different stats as you level up, you rarely gain new special moves to use. The only way to get new moves is to use the SP you gain from defeating enemies in battle to power up your skills and unlock new ones.

This skill system can be used to customize and balance your characters. Since you can focus all your SP into certain moves and not unlock the other ones, or spread the points out evenly across all your characters and have a balanced team. It is worthwhile to strengthen certain skills like healing, magic, or special attacks that way your covered on all fronts. However, the more you spend SP on a skill raising it’s level the more powerful it becomes, as it will sometimes unlock an extra attack or lowering the cost to use it.

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New York city with the pure copper Statue of Liberty.

I find Nostalgia to be a really unique game, even though it has some flaws. My attraction to it is based on the fact that you can really just see the world. The entire world is open for you to explore, and while you can’t visit every single city or country, you can visit popular cities and areas and see some of the world’s wonders. Since it is set in an alternate 19th-century Earth you will come across various places like Japan, Siberia, Cairo, and even find some places that only exist in mythology and legend.

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Overall, Nostalgia is a pretty good RPG for the Nintendo DS, even though you can easily bulldoze through some areas. It’s unique skill system will have you grinding enemies for hours as you try to perfect your characters. With multiple treasures to find and even an epilogue mode after you finish the game there will still be plenty to do, and you’ll be shocked when the game’s lighthearted and predictable “save the world” story throws you a few curve balls.

Nostalgia gets Three out of Four Stars


Review based on a retail copy of the game provided by the publisher.

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  1. I picked this one up. Really good! If you like rpgs like grandia, lunar or skies of arcadia, this one definetly up your alley.

  2. Awesome. I was honestly considering trying this one out. I’m a huge fan of old-school RPGs, and this seems to be based off of those. I can’t wait to give it a whirl. Good review by the way, you seemed to cover all the bases, or at least everything I’d need to know to get me interested.

  3. How the hell did they get to NYC?

    Anyway, cool, more old-school RPGS.

  4. Props to Will, as this is a damn fine point.

    One of my current favorite games is Fallout 3. I cant get enough of the game… the gameplay, the ambiance, just everything about it is fun. But I absolutely hate the storyline, if you could even call it that. Something in my mind forgives the complete lack of story. Im not sure what it is.