Infendo Review: Dementium 2


Do you like Horror games? How about Psychological thrillers that deal with deep inner demons? Now what if there was a touch of first person perspective with some guns and melee weapons? Sound like something you would be interested in?

The History of the Game

If anyone remembers the first game, Dementium: the ward, which was released during Halloween of 2007, it was the first attempt at bringing horror style gaming to the hand held market. The game was built around a unique first person engine, and it really focused on the grit, gore, mystery and brief, yet cool video clips of various grotesque monstrosities. You had to roam the blood stained hallways of an institution trying to figure out where these ‘demons’ were coming from.

Renegade Kid and the developers working on Dementium II have done something that most developers don’t do, they listened to the fans of the first game. Like I have mentioned before they have fixed a majority of the problems that plagued the first game. One of the major issues of the first game was the few amount of save areas and the respawning creatures after leaving and returning to a room. You’ll be glad to know that it is fixed.

A few other tweaks they included was an on screen map that notes where you have been and where you still need to go. You can also hold both a weapon and your flashlight, but if you have a weapon that requires two hands you won’t be able to hold your flash light anymore.

The Controls

Just like the first one you control the game through a combination of stylus and D-pad controls, you move around with the D-Pad and can run in any direction by double tapping the d-pad. Players can jump by either double tapping on the screen or by tapping on the “up” arrow on the touch screen ”“ crouching through low overhangs can also be performed by hitting the “down” arrow with the stylus. Switching weapons is handled through a nice drag and drop interface when you’re changing weapons. It does take a bit getting used to but by the time you are done you quickly get the hang of it.

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