Infendo Review: Dementium 2

The Story

The story of Dementium II spells out your situation a lot better than the mysterious and vague viewpoint from Dementium: The Ward. At the start of the game you wake up on a table in a bit of a daze. A doctor then shines a light into your eyes and tells you that you have undergone brain surgery and have been out for days. Shortly after that you are wheeled back to you cell, and you realize that you are a prisoner in some institution.

When you get back to your cell the adventure really begins. As you sit in your cell, looking around your surroundings, you suddenly hear an alarm go off and see a bunch of guards run past your cell. After that you are suddenly transported to an alternate dimension. A hell almost on par with any Silent Hill game I have ever seen. This dimension, has the same layout as the real world, except it is filled with torturing devices, blood lined hallways, and chained up bodies.

This is where you make your escape. Crawling out of your cell, which has an opening that is mixed with a guillotine device that looks like it is waiting to kill you. As you make it through the hallways you come across your first weapon, a shiv, as you encounter a bunch of monsters. As you make your way through this hellish prison, and are constantly warped between the two worlds. The real mystery is why you keep warping between these two dimensions, and how you are tied to these demons.


Dementium II, I would say is a very unique game on the DS. Horror isn’t a genre that easily translates well to the hand held market, and I think they finally got the formula perfected. While the game has a lot of positives, one negative I would like to bring up is the navigation through some areas. Sometimes you’ll come across a puzzle or something blocking your way, and you will think you have the tools necessary to solve it. However, it turns out you need to adventure a little bit past it to find the new weapon or item to actually solve it. Some Bosses are cheap but they are bosses, plan ahead and horde your healing items.

Overall, Three and half out of four stars.

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