Infendo Radio (Pilot) is coming!!!

Some like to call it a podcast, we like to call it Infendo Radio. That’s right, the Infendo crew has teamed up with production spectacular Scott from ExtraLife (the clever dude that does those fancy cartoons with over 8 years of radio experience) to produce our first podcast. You’ll be able to put a voice with all the writers including Rollin, Nicholas, Dale, Chris, and yours truly. We hope you’ll enjoy it, and that it will add to the overall experience of the Infendo community.

We do need your help though. Drop us some things you’d like to hear on the show in the comment box. Also, give us a shout-out via voicemail at this number: 206-338-BIGN (2446). If you have something cool to say, good insight on the Big N, or just want to holla, please leave a message. Expect show number one this Saturday morning. Until then, keep bangin’!


  1. I’m really looking forward to it guys. I can’t wait. Good luck on everything.

  2. Yay! Podcasting goodness! 😀

  3. I would like to hear you singin lyrics to the famous teris theme tune, my best mate Dan used to always sing along to it with the follwing words..

    doo doo doo doo doo dooo come and play that music child…

    No idea why but if you could make your own lyrics up and sing them as an intro each week, that would be good, at least your casts should be more interesting than the IGN ones, shame cos the guys there can definitely write, however they are so boring on the old podcasts – probably cos Nintendo are staying hush hush and there’s nothing to bleeding well report.

    Cor I’m on a rant today, apologies to all.


    Looking forward to this podcasting, guys…

    You could use these postings for developer interviews or for listening to rare game soundtracks.

    Maybe an original Electroplankton composition for the intro?

  5. You could go the 4cr direction and have thoughtful bits on the positive aspects of being a fanboy. Or you could go the way of GoNintendo and just all sit around a microphone trying to make each other laugh and rambling about yourselves.

  6. this is going to be sweet…

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