Infendo Radio: Hardware analysis, why Virtual Boy failed, underrated Eternal Darkness


All that and more, including the mailbag. Enjoy the show.

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  1. Eternal Darkness is not underrated. It got plenty of critical acclaim. It was simply under-marketed and under-sold.

  2. Good job, but.. kinda already saw this before on the site Blake.. The whole deal about your console list. Not much else to say really.. >.>

  3. Great podcast guys but I disagree with a point you made.
    Its about how the 3DS has console games and you guys gave examples like SM3DLand and Kid Icarus. Super Mario 3D Land is perfect for a handheld. The levels are so short compared to the galaxy games and they are extremely linear so its perfect for pick up and play gaming. Kid Icarus has flying missions that take up 5 minutes each and can be replayed to get higher scores.
    Plus you guys keep praising the hell out of the gba(it deserves it) but a lot of gba games were SNES ports/remakes. So weren’t they console games on the go? Kinda hypocritical on your part.

  4. Pro Tip @ Blake and Derek – Hey, you guys seem to really like and support the iOS (which I do too and completely understand). To that end, to support your gaming on the iPhone or iPod Touch (sorry, not for iPads) check out the iControlPad (

    Now, something for your 3DS…..contention (refuse to call it hate, especially this time) about the console vs. handheld games and experience. The DS started (which the PSP and 3DS have continued) the easy/instant suspend of a game (mid-play) without saving. This means that bigger experience games can be taken on the go for instant in-and-out action.

  5. The points on the 3DS seem extremely skewed… That’s all I can say.