Don’t listen to this week’s Infendo Radio. You’ll hate it.


I’m serious. Stay away, especially if you hate change and are madly in love with 3DS. Yup, this one sorta turned into Doom and Gloom part 2. Will Nintendo’s next console be the last of its kind, 3DS indifference, bathroom gaming, Wii component cables, and listener calls all discussed. I’m warning you, this is gonna hurt.

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Music: “Something For Ya” by Beastie Boys, “Nil by Mouth” by Bag Raiders


  1. People should stop playing Pilot Wings and Steel Diver and buy Samurai Warriors: Chronicles. Not for everyone, but I enjoy it more than most of my DS games.

  2. Ghost Recon: Shadow Wars is also a great game, again, as Mr Paper said, not for everyone. It’s by far my favorite 3DS game thus far (out of 2, but whatever).

  3. Oh good, another Nintendo-related website that’s decided to take on the “bash everything” approach

  4. @Blake R
    Argh, I know. I hate it when that happens.
    But to Infendo’s credit, they’re doing it during the drought of Wii games and the long wait for the best 3DS games.

    Which isn’t like most Nintendo sites which had done it during a small drought of Wii games (where a so-so game would only appear once every three weeks), even though the DS was releasing at least a damn good game every week.

    So they’re at least better.

  5. i couldnt agree more on the component cable , the composite cable that comes with the wii make your games look terrible.

  6. Maybe it’s just because I’m getting older (as if – just turned 20…uuuh…two days ago—memory is goin’ too), but I’m not really looking forward to this. I mean, I’m not against phone gaming – Robot Unicorn Attack is a great game on my phone, but it’s not the same as….erm…gaming.

    I never want to play a Zelda on my phone. I want my phone on the ready in case I get a call or an email, and use my (3/4/5/6/PNES)DS to play games on. I mean, the phones that really have the capability to graphically (and control-wise) present a new 3D Zelda would be outrageously expensive and would leave us unable to use our phones as phones due to battery life.

    Who knows–maybe things will change like this and it will be better. I will always love that attachment you get with Nintendo hardware, though. My phone is my phone. My Wii is a friend. With bad communication skills.

  7. @monkat
    “My Wii is a friend. With bad communication skills.”

    +2 internets to you sir!

  8. Well Blake, I usually agree with you, except now. I’m not seeing this whole “consumer demand” thing going anywhere… Last time I checked, people bought the crap out of the Wii/Xbox360/PS3.. Market share, cloud gaming, “last console’s as we know it”… The day Nintendo puts Zelda/Mario franchise on an IOS device is the day I eat my shoe dear sir. If they start losing money, they’ll release a new console with a new business model… They will never go to IOS, end of story. Eshop delays? Meh.. I’m sure it’ll have hardly any games on launch anyways.. *sigh*

  9. I don’t think we’re bashing. When you’re justified and fair, it’s criticism.

  10. Finally got around to listening to it. Yeah, they aren’t bashing. Not sure where that came from.
    Another case of “read the title but didn’t listen to it”.

    To be fair, I’m guilty of “read a comment but didn’t listen to it.”
    Definitely will add my own feedback to the radio via email~

  11. Hi guys,

    I have to admit I was left baffled by terms like “cloud gaming” and “iOS” in this episode. I listen to these podcasts while I do activities like jogging and driving, so I don’t have access to a computer where I can look them up. It would be very helpful for listeners like me to define these terms before beginning any discussions about them.

  12. Component is night & day. Totally worth the price, games look horrible on my 37 Inch Samsung TV without it!

  13. Also, forgot to add this to my previous post, I’m really not sure how the whole A/V thing works, but I think games look just dandy with composite cables. Then again, I have a good ol’ (estimate on size) 17inch standard definition TV.

    Spoiled kids!

  14. The problem with 3DS is the price IMO. $250 is the price of a home console, not a portable one. Once it hits $150 or below I will consider buying one.

    The same goes for a home console: If the next console from Nintendo costs over $300, count me out. It is just not worth it to me right now (with a baby coming I can not justify investing this much for something I will barely use).

    Also, for streaming or cloud, forget it. The only way I see it working is if it costs like netflix (less than $10 per month without restrictions). And it sucks that, for instance, if you are in a plane or even at the airport, you will not be able to play it – becouse connections there are barely useful for e-mail. Also, not everyone has access to high bandwidth required for these services.


  15. It really boggles my mind that most people out there play their Wii with standard composite cables. It really is a huge difference with component cables. Even S-video on a standard definition TV is way better.

  16. Just wanted to chime in on the latest podcast.. anyone who thinks you are bashing really need to either take the red pill and keep believing times aren’t changing or take the blue pill and really dig into everything that is currently amidst us. The simple reality is this; Regardless of content whether that be movies, music, video games, concerts, sports events… etc.. etc.. they are purely vying for your PERSONAL TIME. Now beyond that the number one deciding factor for the majority of people is money.. how much am I going to spend and what do I get in return. With the economy and gas prices going up people have really become more responsible regarding their time and money spent. The landscape is definitely changing and content delivery really became apparent with smartphones/iOS and social gaming. The incredible thing is these are all viable and fairy well proven model. It’s definitely the way it’s delivered and so accessible that really threatens the current consoles. You don’t even have to make a trip to the store or an on-line purchase waiting for it to be delivered in the mail. In times of instant gratification like a drive thru fast food restaurant apps and games in this form have become a reckoning now and definitely in the future. And it fits the model of the majority of people who game, that all three console manufacturers have taken serious notice to. All three added applications to their home console to create this layer, however one major factor works against them, you don’t carry a console on you all day long, you aren’t sitting in front of a PC working on bills or taking a break from work to play a game.. I know a LOT of what I would call gamers who have already found themselves playing social games to quick pick up and play sessions on mobile devices that are not dedicated devices. It’s no longer anecdotal evidence, it’s the effect of the blue pill working here.. for just about ever “hardcore gamer” on the planet the reaction is when Neo, “He’s gonna pop” and pukes.. yes it’s makes our stomach churn but this is a hard and cold reality we are facing. The reality is how many people are left that want to play it on a big screen and spend the amount of money invested in order to be entertained. Is the hardcore market sustainable on three platforms? What if you not only lost all those “casual gamers” to iOS/mobile/social games but continued to lose “hardcore gamers”.. what if the current younger generation gravitates towards these games and not epic $60 games.. two generations from now, if I was one of the three, I would be asking a lot of questions. Just how deep will the rabbit whole go? Maybe we should all take the red pill……

    on a side note
    One comment made about the e-shop not being available on launch.. you almost have to wonder, did they do this on purpose? These e-shop games are almost a threat in itself to retail games. Sure we know it existed on previous DS platforms and maybe there is a reason Nintendo never really pushed the e-shop commercially/marketed.. do they really want cheap game purchases taking away from current released games? I really think we have to consider every angle on this.