Infendo Radio: Nintendo’s next 3DS move?


Mailbag and entertainment rankings also discussed. Enjoy the show, everyone!

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  1. Did I miss where you guys actually made the predictions you guys……

    Ooooooooo, shiny object………

    Back on-topic……

    I LOVED Mario Kart Wii. To me, IT is the best Mario Kart. I hear people complain about the difficulty and chaos of having too many people in one race and think (almost) the opposite: all the rest had too few! In addition, there were so many unlockables (with differing degrees of difficulty) that it gave you a reason to keep playing again and again!

    There are only two things I would do for Mario Kart 3DS (Mario Kart 7 is just to blah) or any other Mario Kart they were to release in the feature (*cough* Mario Kart U *cough*). One, turn on the ability to customize what items are allowed/given out in a match (maybe even presence of other things like turbo boosts). Two, only release one game, early in a system’s lifecycle (they are doing well for the 3DS, here’s hoping for the Wii U) and have once a year additional, free, DLC: one new cup, maybe a classic weapon brought back (or a completely new one), and an additional driver. Here is a 3DS specific wish though: give me (or more accurately, my wife) the ability to turn 3D off (already there, I know) but then use the motion controls to steer. Some people (such as my wife) hate trying to race/drive/steer with any non-motion control.

    Lastly, you talk about all the games you play and how you don’t like them, any of them, so you therefor don’t like the 3DS (kinda paraphrasing, I know). Why don’t we see any reviews for this? You know, you could write a relatively short summary of any game, and encourage/leave open the option for people to post THEIR reviews in the comments section. Almost create your own metacritic review. Just saying.

  2. Bionic sense of weight huh? lol Well played… Great podcast, not quite as negative also! Good job.

  3. My favorite 3DS game is Dead or Alive Dimensions

  4. I’m sorry guys but the 3DS is still a fairly new handheld and I think that it’s ridiculous that you guys are just pounding it into the ground. I understand your frustration, give them some time sheesh. there are several games in development that are looking extremely promising. You guys are only focusing on the negatives. Kid Icarus is going to be a phenomenal game and you guys didn’t even mention it. It seems like you’re not even giving it a chance. sure it’s been rough but with all the releases that have been announced i’m glad i own a 3DS.

  5. Well boo hoo hoo, Derek. Me: I like chaotic, it’s exciting and unpredictable. When I’m against the computer, and I get punished for “doing well”, I just laugh at what fate hath wrought on me and move on. The same can apply to you too. Deal with it. Laugh it off. Has the world ended? No.
    Against players on WiFi, on the other hand…

    But one thing I never understood is how the WiFi points system works…

  6. The one 3DS game that I think has been overlooked by many is Ghost Recon: Shadow Wars. Great turn-based tactics game if titles like that are your thing.