Peach Pink 2DS Available at GameStop

peach pink 2ds

GameStop started selling a new 2DS color in the U.S yesterday.  This “Peach Pink” version retains the $129.99 price of the 2DS and comes with a bonus too. The handheld comes bundled with a Disney Magical World-themed carrying case.  Disney’s Magical World released beside the Peach Pink 2DS and sports a $29.99 price tag.  If you are a 2DS holdout and dig the color, now might be the time to buy a 2DS.


Source: GameStop

Rakim Reid is many things -- a blogger, husband, student -- but video games have been in his life longer than any of them. He has written about the video game industry over the years in his spare time and has plans to expand into the e-book realm. He is a avid Nintendo fan and continues to play the company's latest games. You can find him curled up next to his 3DS in his downtime.


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