Video: Animal Crossing outfits for Felynes in Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate


Back in July, Capcom confirmed that Link-inspired equipment would be included in Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate. Now the developer has released a trailer showing off “outfits” for the player’s Felyne companions that resemble Isabelle and Resetti from the Animal Crossing series. They even make those distinctive Animal Crossing chattering sounds. How cute!

Felynes are cat-like creatures in Monster Hunter. Some are intelligent and helpful, while others that are found in the wild will steal the player’s items. And some are…companions that go along on quests? That’s how it looks in this trailer, anyway. Admittedly, I’m not that familiar with the Monster Hunter series as a whole (nearing 200 hours in Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate just isn’t enough!), so I wasn’t aware Felynes could be travel companions. Regardless, it’s nice to see the Monster Hunter series not taking itself too seriously, as usual.

When Link’s equipment was announced for this game, Capcom hinted there was more “special equipment” on the way. Do you think this counts or is there more to come? Post your thoughts below.

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