Steeldiver: Game of the show and other impressions

I just got off the phone with the big Blake on the showroom floor and he had glowing impressions of Steel Diver. “The visuals are fantastic”, he says. “It’s a lot of fun and easily the game of the show.”

When discussing Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Blake says the updated visuals are “Charming” and every Zelda fan should look forward to playing it again in 3D.

Kid Icarus “seems so-so.” Blake claims the controls feel sloppy and it really feels like an old game that doesn’t translate well to a new generation of gamers and will only be fun to a select few.

When discussing the mood at the press event, Blake states there is a “ho hum” attitude to the price point. Most people expected a $250 price tag, but were secretly hoping for something around $199.

When talking about the launch games, Blake says it doesn’t feel like there is a game that takes full advantage of how the 3DS should work a’ la Wii Sports. Games like Nintendogs + Cats are nice games, but with no Mario, Metroid, or new Zelda, it just doesn’t have that flagship title yet.

Make sure to come back and get first hand impressions and pictures from Blake as he gets back to his hotel and has time to digest it all.