Inchworm: Nifty DS software without a publisher


In researching rotoscope animation last night, I stumbled upon a DS title by Bob Sabiston called Inchworm. It’s basically and drawing and animation application, a la Mario Paint on SNES. Unfortunately, the game still doesn’t have a publisher, even though development is complete. “I’m a licensed Nintendo developer, but so far no company has been excited to publish it,” writes Sabiston. “Apparently it isn’t enough of a ”˜game’.” Strike that, the game is coming to DSiWare (thanks Gregory).

He continues, “Inchworm is cocooned up in hibernation right now, but maybe the release of the DSi will bring about a change to its fortunes.” For part-time artists and animators, let’s hope so.

Is this a program you would like to see on DS, Infendo Nation?