I Love You Skip Ltd.

Here is a personal flashback to 2003: I remember hearing about this crazy game called GiFTPiA being developed by some company I had never heard of. What caught my attention was two prominent members of this Skip Ltd. company had worked on Chrono Trigger! I looked further and found this game was full of quirky ideas and had an interesting and very unique story. Too bad it never came to North America.

When Chibi-Robo came out, I was determined to buy it. It ended up being one of my most memorable experiences from the Gamecube era. The storytelling is masterfully woven into a great, exploration based game. It has a lot of charm, and combines egg soldiers, a “frog” girl, aliens, family problems, chaotic robots, pirates, and a romance fantasizing puppet into one of the most unique stories ever told. And then there is the hilarious part with the pink teddy bear…

Skip Ltd. has a special talent for making games, and I look forward to their Nintendo DS and Wii offerings. Tell me if you have played Chibi-Robo and love Skip Ltd. too.

[Thanks to forum member InvisibleMan for the idea!]