Rumor: Leaked Gen VI Pokedex


As many of you anxiously await the release of Pokemon X and Pokemon Y, there has been little news about the contents of the Gen VI Pokedex.  Until now…

Above is the supposed roster for Gen VI, as revealed by Mr. XY.  Everything seems legit here, and seems to have been verified by a very knowledgeable source (That I know personally).  Hit the jump for further descriptions on those that are known.

650. Chespin (Grass)
We’ve seen Chespin.

651. Whirlihog (Grass) {Evolved form of Chespin}
His look sharpens up, receives a little whirligig/propeller on his hood.

652. Gyrove (Grass/Flying) {Evolved form of Whirlihog}
Looks almost like a Mammalian Garchomp. Helicopter-based Pokémon.

653. Fennekin (Fire)
We’ve seen Fennekin.

654. Fennknac (Fire/Psychic) {Evolved form of Fennekin}
Obtains lotus-shaped ear fluffs.

655. Fennerva (Fire/Psychic) {Evolved form of Fennknac}
Tail splits into a lotus-shape, very majestic and Ninetales-like.

656. Froakie (Water)
We’ve seen Froakie.

657. Ribbule (Water) {Evolved form of Froakie}
Grows a horn, gets larger and obtains more ‘cloud fluff’.

658. Bubbaboom (Water) {Evolved form of Ribbule}
Huge horned frog with clouds covering its body.

659. Dogsnout (Normal)
Little hound dog with a prominent nose. Probably the “plainest” of the New Pokémon.

660. Dachshunt (Normal) {Evolved form of Dogsnout}
Larger with floppy ears covering its eyes, and a much larger nose.

661. Critta (Poison)
Unknown description.

662. Cratter (Poison/Rock) {Evolved form of Critta}
Unknown description.

663. Cyrhino (Poison/Rock) {Evolved form of Cratter}
Unknown description.

664. Catrawl (Water)
It’s a blueish wild cat with black spots, and its ears resemble fish-fins. It also has a curvy hook-like tail.

665. Hooklyne (Water/Steel) {Evolved form of Catrawl}
Larger and more leopard like. It has longer, curved talons, and a thin metal “rod” runs along its back, ending with a long steel hooked tail.

666. Skarmish (Normal/Flying) {Pre-evolved form of Skarmory)
Brown, stealth-jet shaped bird with red wings like Skarmory. Not metallic.

667. Kenpoe (Flying/Fighting)
Small and little, with bowl-cut “hair” feathers, long nose, and black/white feathers. Has “glove” looking hand-feathers. Resembles a black/white martial arts outfit.

668. Kwondor (Flying/Fighting) {Evolved form of Kenpoe}
Larger, and more crow-looking. I believe the line is inspired by Bruce Lee, because their appearance resembles the black/white outfits he’s known for.

669. Nymja (Bug/Dark)
Green and purple bipedal little big, with its body resembling “ninja” armour a bit, with little scythe arms. Has under-bite with little teeth that stretch up past its head.

670. Locast (Bug/Dark) {Evolved form of Nymja}
Looks more ferocious, with longer scythes, meaner face, and two sets of “underbite” teeth.

671. Buggler (Bug) {Pre-evolved form of Pinsir}
Stag beetle with “shield” shell.

672. Scimincer (Bug) {Evolved form of Pinsir}
Four-armed, four-horned with detachable horns it wields like swords.

673. Chryscross (Bug) {Pre-evolved form of Pinsir}
Roundish, roly-poly.

674. Hearofant (Normal)
Unknown description.

675. Toilelite (Normal)
Unknown description.

676. Maniackle (Ghost/Steel)
Shadowy, creature with a roundish head, thin body. Has metallic chains wrapped around its chest resembling a straight-jacket.

677. Tillnip (Grass/Ground)
Unknown description.

678. Terrarapa (Grass/Ground) {Evolved form of Tillnip}
Unknown description.

679. Flyby’nyte (Normal/Flying) {Evolved form of Farfetch’d}
Leek transforms into large leek sword with stoic face. Farfetch’d stays the same.

680. Lollilap (Normal) {Pre-evolved form of Lickitung}
Unknown description.

681. Prowlion (Normal) {Evolved form of Persian}
Unknown description.

682. Houndoomed (Dark/Fire) {Evolved form of Houndoom}
Has canine-skulls with red eyes on shoulders, giving it a similar look to Cerberus.

683. Bomble (Bug/Flying) {Evolved form of Combee}
Unknown description, perhaps a Male Combee evolution.

684. Melboing (Normal)
Resembles a peach-coloured little kangaroo. It looks like a normal one compared to Kangaskhan, and is much cuter. No pouch.

685. Sydknee (Normal/Fighting) {Evolved form of Melboing}
Larger and tougher looking. Has black spots around its eyes, and little black “armour pads” running down its tail. Instead of a pouch, has an x-shaped bandage on its stomach.

686. Reptoil (Poison/Ground)
Quadrapedal fat little lizard that’s orange with black patterns on it. It’s got oil substance falling out of its mouth, and little oil splotches around its feet.

687. Oozard (Poison/Ground) {Evolved form of Reptoil}
Larger and its whole body has a “dripping” look to it, like it’s falling off. It’s legs are “unseen”, as the art has it emerging from a pool of black oil, it seems that it can melt into it.

688. Lunate (Dark/Rock)
Unknown description.

689. Lycrest (Dark/Rock) {Evolved form of Lunate}
Unknown description.

690. Pyrophos (Rock/Fire)
One of the fossil Pokémon. Has reddish-brown and black feathers, and a red comb on its head making it resemble a rooster.

691. Frapptor (Rock/Ice)
One of the fossil Pokémon. Bipedal and raptor like, with white feathers covering its body. Has a feathery “mask” making it resemble an owl.

692. Koalossus (Fire/Ground) {Evolved form of Torkoal}
Unknown description.

693. Huevolk (Psychic) {Pre-evolved form of Sigilyph}
Unknown Description.

694. Eyedol (Ground/Psychic) {Evolved form of Claydol}
Very elaborate looking, body becomes more humanoid and “feminine” with wide hips and breasts. Seems to be a fertility idol or something.

695. Kachapi (Electric/Steel)
The new electric mouse type. Metallic mouse with computer mouse plug tail.

696. Wastenaut (Poison/Steel)
Trashcan with leech-like mouth, looks “cartoony” as it bends in ways metal should not.

697. Garbarge {Evolved form of Watenaut}
Dumpster (still “cartoony” though) with trash compactor mouth. Predatory relationship with previous pollution-based Pokémon I hear.

698. Sylveon (Normal) {Evolved form of Eevee}
We’ve seen Sylveon. Evolved by Bond Evolution.

699. Bouson (Normal) {Pre-evolved form of Bouffalant}
Fluffy afro with legs/nose popping out. Has gold-comb shaped objects on sides of afro.

700. Oregan (Rock/Ground)
Very large, black-furred Ox. It has large white horns that resemble tubas (they open at the end) It has curled, white hair that looks like an old-fashioned powdered wig.

701. Ramzeez (Electric) {Evolved form of Flaffy}
Neon-blue ram with pink fluff. Tesla-coil horns.

702. Mitetens (Bug/Ice)
Little white caterpillar creature. Has white “cocoon” wrapped around its body like a snow jacket, including a part at its neck where two strands hang out like a scarf.

703. Mothedral (Bug/Ice)
White pretty moth with striking, icy wings that are multi-coloured and resemble stained-glass windows.

704. Skieet (Ice/Steel)
Unknown description.

706. Olympen (Ice/Steel)
Unknown description.

707. Sabullion (Dark/Ghost) {Evolved form of Sableye}
Unknown description.

708. Throhem (Fighting) {Evolved form of Throh}
Chest rips, showing pectoral muscles. Grows spikes on chest and shoulders. Eyebrows thicken.

709. Sawkem (Fighting) {Evolved form of Sawk}
Sleeves rip, gets buff. Spiky “Bart Simpson” head and extra eyebrow.

710. Lapier (Water) {Pre-evolved form of Lapras}
Smaller, shell-less, horn-less, lighter blue Lapras.

711. Chorustar (Water/Psychic) {Evolved form of Starmie}
Looks more futuristic, platinum-coloured. Has little “starships” circling around it. Seems to be a nod to “shoot the core” shoot-em-up bosses.

712. Rokidd (Water/Fire)
Unknown description.

713. Aquapollo (Water/Fire) {Evolved form of Rokidd}
Unknown description.

714. Lumiscient (Water) {Evolved form of Lumineon}
Red highlights and infinity-symbol fins.

715. Lagoom (Water/Ghost)
Weird, white “ghost sheet” jellyfish with a little dark blue body underneath.

716. Galliphin (Water/Ghost) {Evolved form of Lagoom}
Still has the white ghost-sheet top, and a dark blue body, but resembles a dolphin now.

717. Whalleon (Water/Ghost) {Evolved form of Galliphin}
Resembles a killer whale, with the white ghost-sheet covering the front-part of its body, although there are holes in parts of it giving the white spots you see on an orca.

718. Iwish (Grass/Dragon)
Small, bipedal yellow “European” dragon with green wings and tail. Its wings have little clover leaves on them.

719. Clovyr (Grass/Dragon) {Evolved form of Iwish}
Larger, slightly more serpentine, with more clover leaves on it. Has four legs in addition to wings.

720. Shamroc (Grass/Dragon) {Evolved form of Clovyr}
Very elongated, with multiple legs, two sets of wings, with clovers sprouting out over its body.

721. Antennon (Bug/Dragon)
Unknown description.

722. Thordrac (Bug/Dragon) {Evolved form of Anennon}
Unknown description.

723. Abdolong (Bug/Dragon) {Evolved form of Thordrac}
Unknown description.

724. Draguine (Dragon) {Pre-evolved form of Druddigan}
Unknown description.

725. Yamazuna (Fighting) {Evolved form of Hariyama}
Mountain-coloured, with white hair and beard.

726. Sueyplex (Ground/Fighting)
Small, roundish bipedal warthog with a red mohawk and mud covering its pink body on its bottom half, making it look like it has shorts on.

727. Warhog (Ground/Fighting) {Evolved form of Sueyplex}
Larger, very muscular looking (like a wrestler). Also has mud covering its face, looking like a mask, and prominent lips sticking out. Resembles Kinnikuman.

728. Nekken (Normal) {Pre-evolved form of Girafarig}
Small giraffe part, larger black tail. Giraffe ducking down, the tail is in the “head” position.

729. Banacopia (Grass) {Pre-evolved form of Tropius}
Banana-horned. Yellow Saurolophus.

730. Herbud (Grass) {Pre-evolved form of Carnivine}
Unknown description.

731. Cocojoe (Grass/Fire)
Has a coconut army helmet with a green palm on the top. Main body is roundish, red/green camo-coloured, and it’s got a protruding “cannon” mouth.

732. Cocomando (Grass/Fire)
Resembles first form, but now has a large bush surrounding its body, in addition to two sprouting out of its head as if to camouflage itself.

733. Fugills (Water/Poison) {Evolved form of Qwilfish}
Unknown description.

734. Snomanitan (Fire/Ice) {Evolved form of Darumaka}
Snowman ape, with dull flame eyebrows and orange spots running down chest.

735. Guardion (Dragon/Fighting)
Grayish, doggish gargoyle creature that’s very stout and tough looking. It has red patterns on its arms that look like tattoos and little red earrings.

736. Mirrong (Steel/Psychic) {Evolved form of Bronzor}
A mirror surrounded by metallic blue frame, with eyes and arms below the mirror part.

737. Idom (Ghost/Psychic)
Unknown description.

738. Egom (Ghost/Psychic) {Evolved form of Idom}
Unknown description.

739. Supregom (Ghost/Psychic) {Evolved form of Egom}
Unknown description.

740. Protron (Dark/Electric)
Little yellow-black star-shaped creature, sort of dragon like.

741. Orbitton (Dark/Electric) {Evolved form of Protron}
Very spherical, planet-like with yellow “saturn” ring around its body.

742. Vortron (Dark/Electric) {Evolved form of Orbitton}
Humanoid with vortex patterns on its body that swirl inward. Line seems to be based on “star life cycle”. Presumably Pseudo-legendary as they come before the legendaries.

743. Xerneas (Psychic/Rock)
Legendary, Pokémon X Mascot. We’ve seen Xerneas.

744. Yveltal (Ghost/Flying)
Legendary, Pokémon Y Mascot. We’ve seen Yveltal.

745. Jacoq (Flying/Dark)
Unknown description. However, the names are a nod towards the four points of a compass and also card suits (Spades, Diamonds, Hearts, Clubs).

746. Serpreine (Poison/Dark)
Unknown description. However, the names are a nod towards the four points of a compass and also card suits (Spades, Diamonds, Hearts, Clubs).

747. Tyrroi (Rock/Dark)
Unknown description. However, the names are a nod towards the four points of a compass and also card suits (Spades, Diamonds, Hearts, Clubs).

748. Tigrace (Ice/Dark)
Unknown description. However, the names are a nod towards the four points of a compass and also card suits (Spades, Diamonds, Hearts, Clubs).

What are your thoughts on the roster?  Are there any that you are more excited for than others?

63 Responses to Rumor: Leaked Gen VI Pokedex

  1. K says:

    I highly doubt this is the real deal simply because Houndoomed would never be the name for an evolved Houndoom. There are a lot of preevos and further evolutions for past Pokemon here. It isn’t impossible for it to be real but I’m very skeptical about this.

    I’ll stick to Serebii for my Pokemon news. As far as I’m concerned this is an unfounded rumor and I don’t trust the source. I’ve yet to see talk of this list there meaning it is either highly unconfirmed or like Pokemon Rainbow, fake.

  2. Breyfunk says:

    Many of the names of these supposed Pokemon, such as the aforementioned “Houndoomed, Prowloin (being an evolved Persian instead of Purrloin), Throwem and Sawkem, among others, scream that this list is a fake. Granted, a fake that somebody took a long time to work on, but fake nonetheless.

  3. Essel Pratt says:

    This is why I am leaving it up to the readers to decide. There are a lot of clues that it might be a fake, however nothing to say that it is 100% unreal. There are a few Pokepages that do believe this to be an actual leaked list. However, I guess time will tell.

  4. theadza says:

    Yeah it doesn’t seem like it could be real. Time will tell.

  5. B-Squared says:

    Thy is there 2 pre-evolutions of Pinsir? That makes no sense.

  6. MikeIsaPoet says:

    ^One is a pre-evo of Heracross, just labelled wrong.

  7. InfinityMasterz says:

    Very interesting. If it is fake, I’m surprised someone would go out of their way to make up, type, and even name 98 new Pokemon. Either we’re all being trolled, or we just hit gold. ( Yeah for rhyming)

  8. John says:

    Reading through this list and seeing all the new evolutions/pre-evolutions of older Pokemon I was hoping it was real, until I saw there are only six legendaries. It’s possible, assuming this is real, that there could be more legendaries that are not listed here, such as event lengendaries. But one of the things I liked most about the previous 2 generations was an abundance of legendary Pokemon. I now lean toward the notion that this list is fake because there is no legendary trio preceding the 2 main legendary Pokemon, and there is not a third main legendary themed after the letter Z.

  9. Epicness says:

    Some of these pokemon names seem false, like “Garbage, and Sawkem” Nontheless, it seems very well that this could be real, or at least a good bit of it. Also, I’m assuming the last pokemon after Xerneas are leagendaries, since none of them evolve, and most legendaries are at the end of the dex. I really hope that gyrove and Vortron are real!

  10. Choumaru says:

    I am pretty sure they are fake.

    There names looks way to farfetched, and there are alot of pre-evolutions compared to old Pokemon Evolving.

  11. Josh says:

    Another reason why this is fake is because, Claydol evolves from Baltoy, so “Eyedol” can’t be real.

  12. Mattardis says:

    Fake… But Cocomando sounds amazing!

    snomanitan on the other hand… not so much

  13. man guy says:

    its fake theres no way there only giving 99 new pokemon they always give us at least 150

  14. Alex says:

    One good reason for it to be fake… It says that Flaffy will get an evolution, but it already has one… I don’t they would give an alternative evolution to Ampharos.

  15. Nick says:

    yea you’re probably right they have never done that before… (bellossom, politoed, slowking, gallade, froslass)

  16. Bill says:

    See, I’m pretty convinced. Now yeah, you’re probably thinking “But these names and premises are so stupid! They can’t do that!” Three words to you:

    These Pokémon, a trashbag, electric derpfish and the… No, I don’t even know what that last one is! Seriously. Screw Lickilicky.
    If these abominations already exist, then what’s the odds that some of the dumber Pokémon listed here are real? Houndoomed is the most half-assed attempt on the list, yeah, but we can’t pretend they haven’t done stuff like this before, even way back when.
    Ekans is SNAKE backwards. Voltorb gets bigger and switches it’s colours to evolve. List goes on. Metamorphic blob creature? Let’s name it Ditto.

    I could rant like this all night, point is, though these ideas seem too stupid to be real… There’s some chance that they actually could be real.

    tl;dr: Some ‘mons here seem stupid. But stupid ‘mons exist. So these NEW stupid ‘mons could turn out to be real.

  17. Anon says:

    Okay, some names do sound farfetched and also the number of pre-evs and new evs to old guys is some what unsettling. Along with the pokedex being only 98 guys in total ia dissapointing.

    But I really do wish this is real because first off, I’m already in love with Bubbaboom, Catrawl, Sydknee, Guardion and Fraptor.

    But still, they REALLY need to add more originals to the mix and not just have 50% be pre-evs and new-evs.

    Also, I reaallyy don’t want Garbarge to come into fluition.

    I guess we’ll have to wait till the 15th to see if Buggler and Chryscross are released and if so, then this is real.

  18. Anon says:

    Also did anyone think that these names might be badly translated? Except fo the ones all ready released.

    Lastly, there are some people arguing that how can there be new evo’s to guys who already have one? Well first off it could be a typo and secondly, they could be introducing held items, stones or specific procedure evolutions to the old guys.

    PS. Houndoomed, they NEED to change that.

  19. Luckless says:

    Houndoomed? Snomanitan? Clearly a joke. If the real pokedex was leaked it would be leaked in japanese. The english names for pokemon is never the first thing we learn about newly revealed pokemon.

  20. GheeButtersnaps says:

    Definitely not real. Less than a hundred introduced, and half of them are evos/pre-evos of past generations. Plus, the creator fessed up to it being fake.

  21. butter says:

    umm i dont think this is real these are good but theres no way slyveons another normal when evees normal

  22. Essel Pratt says:

    Wow, cannot believe this post is still receiving comments! Butter, this was confirmed as a joke by the creator a while ago. Although he did put a lot of work into it. He was planning on adding English and Japanese names to the list. At the time I posted this, it was posted on other gaming sites claiming it was real. I had my doubts, but sources were adamant it was real. So, I left it up to all of you to decide.

  23. Maggie says:

    Thanks for telling us the truth. However, for a couple of these (like maybe some of the “baby” Pokémon and the legendries) I could actually live with.

  24. PokeManic says:

    I like some of these ideas, but not only would newly released Pokemon be in Japanese, but nintendo released two new types, light and sound. They would make some Pokemon with these types. I admire the person who put all this effort in to a lie. bravo.

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  26. vinayak says:

    when we can download it

  27. omega22 says:

    Does anyone remember that they are releasing X and Y in multiple countries at the same time? Maybe thats why its in English.

  28. PokemonPlayerAmber says:

    Hi, i am the biggest pokemon fan out there.

    This Leak, it may or may not be fake. We should view all of the releases on the Pokemon X and Y website, then we should look it up on here. If this was fake it is a troll.

  29. Neo says:

    Chryscross is actually part of another game, “monster mmorpg”, so if they released it, it might get a lawsuit

  30. Steven says:

    This is obviously fake. Like someone else on here said, Houndoomed would never be a name for an evolved Houndoom. Furthermore, notice how it says Sylveon is a normal type. Maybe some people haven’t heard, but there is a new type called Fairy type, and Sylveon is Evee’s fairy type evolution. By the way, for anyone that didnt know, fairy type is super effective on dark and dragon, so no more hygriegon (srry for the speeding, im not sure how to spell it) sw

  31. Steven says:

    Srry about that. As I was saying, no more hygriegon sweepers if the opponent has a fairy typ

  32. Steven says:

    And one more stupid autocorrect mistake, it typed speeding and not spelling. Sorry.

  33. Essel Pratt says:

    Steven, you are correct this list was proven to be fake by the creator. However, the time detail put into the list is very admirable.

    I am amazed that this post is still receiving so many comments on a consistent basis! Thank you all for being loyal readers to our site!

  34. I am now not certain the place you’re getting your information, however good topic. I must spend some time learning much more or working out more. Thank you for fantastic information I used to be in search of this info for my mission.

  35. PokemonPlayerAmber says:

    its becoming to be real. the 2nd starter evolution sounds just like a little video i seen of them, but i will keep on trying to find the truth!

  36. Mucerino says:

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  37. Toms says:

    Perbualan kitorang taklah lama sangat apabila tiba-tiba ada gangguan. Sesuatu dari poket kak linda mengeluarkan bunyi minta diangkat. Bila dikeluarkan,sah. Benda alah tu. HANDPHONE!! Wow, loaded kau sekarang kak oi…Novel : Kalau dah jodoh 10

  38. Jordan Shoes says:

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