If you had 24 hours to call the shots at Nintendo, what would you do?


Imagine: suddenly you’re in charge at Nintendo. You’ve got just 24 hours to order any course of action, and the deal is, once you’ve ordered it, the company will do its best to carry out your wishes for the next year, no matter the cost or consequences.

Here’s what I’d do, right now:

1. Pour as much money and manpower as needed to get a new Smash Brothers, a new Super Mario Brothers, a new Pokemon RPG (with Pokemon Stadium built in) and a new Zelda onto 3DS by next fall.

2. Get on the phone with Apple (see steps 3 and 4) and Disney (for an epic Mario adventure ride in Epcot’s Japan pavilion, of course!)

3. Port classic 8 & 16 bit games, as well as casual-centric titles like Brain Age and Clubhouse Games, to iOS.

4. Make feature-light but very polished versions of the following games for iOS and offer them for free: Nintendogs, Super Smash Bros. Brawl and Luigi’s Mansion. Use them to advertise the deeper, more full-featured versions available or coming to 3DS. Apple will be okay with this, because everyone in Cupertino will be excited about meeting with Shigeru Miyamoto.

5. Cut game prices so that no cartridge for 3DS is over $25, and eShop games are more in line with the App Store pricing.

6. Get as many 3D feature films on 3DS as possible.

7. Make sure there’s something in the works that makes spectacular use of the 3DS AR capabilities.

8. Change the name of Wii U.

9. New projects for 3DS: Yoshi’s Island 2 and Stunt Race FX2 (my favorite forgotten Miyamoto game).

10. Get my picture taken with Shigeru Miyamoto and ask him to autograph my old fat blue DS.

11. Increase cool, fun merchandise available online at Club Nintendo by about, oh, 2000 percent.

12. Make all Nintendo game soundtracks available on iTunes and Club Nintendo.

13. Oh, yeah, get all those Wii RPGs over to North America. That one’s for the fans.

At this point, I’m sure many of you are very glad I’m not in charge at Nintendo. So, let’s hear your ideas! Be as serious or as silly as you like, but—really—what would you do?


  1. Not much to add to that list.

  2. You’ve pretty much covered everything I would say, Richard. Except I would want Nintendo to create (or contribute to) a few crossover games I have in mind.

  3. yeh i basically agree whole heartedly. fav steps 3-9 then 11, 12 and 13.
    Hey heres an idea. Maybe if you send this page with a lot of supporting comments from us loayl nintendo fans through to Nintendo then maybe they might see that a paradigm shift is in need especially when the fans are calling for it.

  4. 1) Make an extremely sleek and new 3DS design with 15 hour battery.

    2) Make stores worldwide especially around US.

    3) Partner up with Dreamworks and allow them to use characters for comedic cartoons

    4) Make a “Nintendo World” or Universe theme/attraction park in Florida or California.

    5) Make an Android Smartphone with with full online store of NES, SNES, GB, GBC and GBA games. If this is successful make next 3DS a smartphone.

    6) Purchase SCE. I think they’ll be better off with Nintendo.

    7) Own all rights to any Disney Characters for videogame purposes, and be able to make games for/with them.

    8) Work real hard on a Zelda Ocarina of Time movie.

    9) Do NOT make Nintendo games on other devices but make advertising apps.

    10) Make a brand new IP.

    That’s it…for now!

  5. 1. Buy back Rare LTD. and put them to work on making Killer Instinct 3.

    2. Make sure the next Nintendo console is a TRULY next gen and is substantially more powerful than Xbox 360/PS3.

    3. Put Donkey Kong 64 on the Virtual Console

    4. Have the next Metroid game return to the FPS style of Prime and build it up to be the “Halo” of Nintendo.

    5. Make the next Zelda game looks like the The Legend of Zelda Wii U tech demo.

    6. Ditch the whole Wii naming scheme and gaming philosophy. Market to the hardcore.

    7. Put out a white colored DS in the states.

    8. Get rid of friend codes entirely and build a top notch online component that works across platforms and includes easy connectivity in games, built in voice chat, achievements, and more.

    9. Make it so that if you buy a game on the Virtual Console you can redownload it as often as you want and play it on both console and handheld.

    10. Not do #2, #3, and #4 on Richard’s list.

  6. Here’s my addition: release a simple SDK for the 3ds. Seriously- if they did this, then had the 3ds market opened up for a fee of $100 per year, the 3ds would become an indie gamer’s dream- tons of fantastic, cheap, simple games would flock to the system. Heck, I would even make one. Then the games that required more than 50MB would be cartrige-only, thus they wouldn’t be fighting against themselves (and could use the new 3ds marketplace as a testing grounds for finding the best developers)

  7. In addition to several of the above statements:

    1) Pokemon MMO
    2) Scrap the Wii U, change its name and push it back
    3) Re-emphasize Wii support to regain faith of disillusioned Wii owners
    4) Announce new Pokemon for 3DS
    5) Announce a 3DS version with built in dual sticks but no 3D for cheaper than the 3D model
    6) Come up with new branding for redesigned model in order to show differences from the DS
    7) Announce New Super Mario Bros. 3DS
    8) New top down Zelda for the 3DS

    Also, I agree big time with lowering the prices of 3DS games to at least 30 dollars. Also more foreign games need to be localized for American Wii owners. There are others, but I figure this list is enough for now.

  8. I would fire Reggie. Not bringing Xenoblade / The Last Story / Pandora’s Tower to America is inexcusable. Because of this attitude they lost a customer for their platforms.

    … but I still like the site 🙂


  9. I think a few of those decisions are too consumer, and would seriously hurt Nintendo. Asking for $25 3ds games is probably asking Nintendo to operate at a loss.

  10. Ok, no offense to everyone above, but some of those ideas are terrible (and a few are great :P).

    @Richard: #1 is amazing, but impossible and your ideas #2 – #4 are treason and you should be ashamed.

    @Job: #1 is, again, nice, but impossible. #3 would be dangerous, Dreamworks isn’t Pixar after all and I don’t want the stupid stuff that comes out of their IP’s mouths to come out of Link’s, Samus’s or any other beloved Nintendo character, be they silent or vocal. Your #4 however, kicks ass and I’ll toast to that! If in your #6, you mean Sony Computer Entertainment, that’s not possible, even if you were the CEO.

    @Tim: Your ideas are all pretty solid, but I worry that pushing the WiiU back any farther and closer to the release of the PS4/720 could be dangerous.

    Couple things I’d add that haven’t been said are:

    #1: Vamp up Streetpass. It’s a cool feature that’s not being used to it’s fullest. The Vita is going to outdo it with Near when it launches.

    #2: Never let Retro go. They’re flipping amazing. Don’t let Rare happen again…

    #3: WiiU and 3DS have account systems. All eShop purchases are tethered to the account. Pretty much Xbox Live, but with that added Nintendo flavor.

    #4: I’d rename the WiiU to the U (at least drop “Wii”) and get RD to guarantee it supports 4 new controllers playing on it at once.

    #5: Ensure that Miyamoto has a protege. I want someone young studying under Shigeru until he IS Shigeru. Someone will need to fill the massive hole in my being once Miyamoto passes on.

    #6: Start airing 3D 3DS commercials in movie theaters.

    #7: Overhaul indie relations. Get more indie devs working for Nintendo. Offer dev kits for cheaper and make API’s far more available and approachable.

    #8: Open more US development studios. I want to deal less with NOA and relying on its localizations.

    #9: Bring FF back to Nintendo. Make the Wii U the must have console for cross platform games.

    #10: Make the 3DS interface with the Wii U. Games like Four Swords Adventures was awesome, but the added hardware was cumbersome. Now its possible and it’s not happening! So I’ll make it happen!

  11. Honestly, i’d ask to see what they have so far for Animal Crossing, ask how they’re reaching out to third party companies, and then ask to meet Miyamoto! Pictures and autographs would ensue.

    As for doing actual CEO things… I’d have them get more trendy advertising for the 3DS, increase the workforce to get titles out faster, and then I’d order lunch for everyone.

  12. Good list Richard.

    I would add…

    1) By some western studios to make some new fps IP’s. They could become invaluable like the Halo brand for Microsoft, and make at least one must buy brand IP for core shooter fans or action RPG fans who plays Mass Effect or Fallout or Elder Scrolls.
    2) Big 1st party games should get a stamp on them in pre-production, that would guarantee them a worldwide localization, taking that decision away from NoE and NoA.
    3) Make all classic Nintendo games available for purchase somehow and allways. Also old oddities, like Star Fox 2.
    4) Keep optimising classic games with 2nd party developers like they did with “Super Mario 64 DS”, “Metroid Prime Trilogy” and “The Legend of Zelda: OoT: 3DS”. Start by remaking Super Mario Sunshine and do the “64 DS” thing and add 2 or 3 new stages and about 20 to 30 extra stars to collect and make it in HD and widescreen with Wiimotion+ and classic controller options available. Also remake “Wind Waker” and add the missing dungeons.
    5) Optimize Virtual Console. Lower prices and add platforms. They now have Commodore 64, but what about Amiga and old PC games with Wiimote/Nunchuck controls. Classics like Canon Fodder, Settlers 2, Pinball Dreams/Fantasies, StarCraft and BroodWar, Diablo 2, Grim Fandango, Wolfenstein, Doom and Quake, Half Life (Source), Commandos should all become available for download on Wii, WiiU and/or 3DS.
    6) Remove the 40mb limit (or something) for digital games on WiiWare and Virtual Console, and change it to 2 GB. Yes, game enthusiasts do own SD cards.

    Those are the most pressuring matters I believe.

  13. Alright, first off:

    1) Kill Richard for ideas 2-4. This would destroy Nintendo, we can’t have that. So you have to kill the source of the idea.

    2) Bring out Operation Rainfall games to Wii.

    3) Drop retail 3DS games to $30. Any lower and profit would be a problem.

    4) Casual consumers have gone the way of the phone, so start focusing on the core with all of the Nintendo manpower.

    5) Agree with others, put big deal on Street Pass, lots more modes/small gifts with interaction.

    6) Add messaging feature to 3DS.

    7) Continue to provide a free game on 3DS/Wii/WiiU every so often as thank yous. Make these be games a lot of people have bought before, you’ve already made your money on them.

    8) Begin doing sales on WiiShop/eShop. Once a week, one game is 25% off, one is 50%, one is 75% off. And do more sales randomly at the proper holiday times.

    9) Make a goal to be more open with American fans. Being secretive just makes the fans mad.

    10) Announce the ultimate game – an adventure, action or turnbased RPG involving Mario, Link, Star Fox, Donkey Kong, etc. Call it – World of Nintendo. All the great heroes vs all the great villians. The goal is to put as many of the characters created over the years in the game in some fashion, either playable or at least a cameo as a NPC. Deep story, 100 hour epic tale for us fans to have to enjoy for a long time. It’s developer? Retro.

  14. Good list. But also:

    Make the 3DS eShop far easier to develop for. Cheaper dev-kits, less rigorous review. Basicaly, do what Apple did for the iTunes App Store

    Get 3rd party devs on board the 3DS, add far better online infrastrcuture everywhere.

  15. I wouldn’t go down the iOS route until the 3DS has been around for a good 5 or 6 years, and even then, Nintendo should have their own smartphone gaming device. Really missed the boat on that one. Still, I’m unsure that it would succeed. And I’m definately sure most things like Mario, Kirby and Zelda games will not translate well to touchscreen only controls without dumbing them down or changing the gameplay entirely.

    Nintendo have to take a step back from the runaway success of the DS and concede victory and the casual crowd to Apple. The 3DS can’t compete with that. Make their money on their own software and grow the core market.

    Other than that, I would definately lower prices on the eShop, and get some social games on their that are compatible with Facebook and iOS.

    I would buy more dev studios. There is never enough software to go around and if third parties are never going to step up to the plate like usual on a Nintendo console, let’s make all the top quality games in house. There are so many franchises going without (FZero where art thou) and money is not being capitalized on.

    And yes bring down the price of carts. And I couldn’t agree more with the Wii U’s name. It’s terrible. In fact I wouldn’t even release it without upping the specs considerably so it won’t have a case of last gen tech when the next gen arrives from Sony and Microsoft.

    No more resistive touchscreens. Old tech. Yuck.

    That’s about it that hasn’t already been said.

    But I really don’t want Nintendo to go onto iOS unless its a pure distinct platform.

  16. Oh and definately a chat feature on the 3DS.

    And last but not least, a full home console mmorpg Pokemon game.

  17. Hard decision, but I wouldn’t go down the iOS route. I see no reason to pander to the phone and Facebook market when Nintendo could compete with the former and completely smash it to bits with some actually great games. To think otherwise is the ‘buy into clueless analyst’ mentality.

    Instead, I would (nothing here would be purely for my own benefit, that’s not what Nintendo needs at this point in time):

    1. I’d make sure more high selling series were available on the 3DS. The fact there’s currently no new 2D Mario games, expanded audience games or Pokemon games on the 3DS is kind of pathetic on Nintendo’s part, any one of these would at least double console sales.

    2. Make sure the Wii has more great games for this holiday season, since the console deserves a big send off not some slower whimper of a death due to a lack of games. Release all those games Operation Rainfall was wanting released in the US. Nintendo needs to OWN this holiday season.

    3. Get Super Smash Bros 3DS made and released as quickly as possible.

    4. Announce that F-Zero, Star Fox (a new game), WarioWare and Wario Land, Donkey Kong Country and Metroid are all getting new 3DS games.

    5. Make sure the Wii U will launch with both a new Mario game and Zelda HD, as well as least one new franchise. Screw the third parties, they relied too much on them for the 3DS launch and look how that worked out.

    6 and 7 would be the same as some points on the article’s list, make the soundtracks available and have more cool/fun merchandise available on Club Nintendo. And lower the prices a bit for the latter, so you need less points/stars/whatever for cool merchandise.

    8. Buy all of Rare’s franchises. No need for the company, the good people left already and can be hired without the involvement of the old company. This is because the current Rare is a mere shadow of its former self now.

    9. Add more games to virtual console on all systems.

    10. Stop treating the UK and Europe as some single geographic region. Each of the European countries should get games localised locally and hence be free of waiting an extra six months for major games.

    11. Make the eShop and WiiWare easier and cheaper to develop for to appeal to more indie developers.

    12. Buy more studios, especially ones which make great games for Nintendo’s competition. Buy them out right from under Microsoft and Sony’s noses and force your competitors in a corner… develop their own games or die.

    Those are my thoughts anyway.

    No need for theme parks or rides, those should wait until the recession is over. Best keep the expensive stuff away until better financial times I guess.

    Also, don’t worry about Retro, Nintendo owns the company. They’re not ‘second/third party’ like Rare were.

  18. Make a controller attachment/cradle for the iphone and ipod touch that turns your device into a REAL Nintendo game machine and then sell real Nintendo games for real money.

  19. Such a good list you go there Richard.

  20. Instead of selling on itunes or other distribution networks I would revamp our own. Nintendo made some positive steps forward with the 3DS but it is still not enough. There is no reason we can’t have an experience like the android market or itunes on our Nintendo devices. Also, our purchases should be linked to our account. I should not have to buy Super Mario Bros. each time I buy a new system.

  21. Everyone else has great points, too. Especially about Nintendo NOT going the way of Apple. The good quality games we know should not be dumbed down to the Angry Birds level. I agree with Ross and that Nintendo should pay attention to our ideas.

  22. I would say.

    1. Actually listen to your fans for a change. You have the most loyal fanbase in gaming for a reason. Become more customer friendly.

    2. Go out with a bang for the Wii. Get a few more quality titles made and localize those Japanese games before the Wii-U comes out.

    3. Make some quality anime or cartoon style movies or tv shows for favorite characters like Metroid, to hype up fans for future game releases and to draw in new fans. Just stay away from Hollywood. Don’t let Lucas, Spielberg, Bay, Boll, or Anderson touch any of your properties.

    4. Make sure the Wii-U has a large amount of built in storage. If it has to be flash based, make it at least 16 or 32GB.

    5. Start making downloadable demos available of forthcoming titles.

    6. Start marketing your games with the imaginative, and inspiring kinds of adds that you used to have in the past. Stop the “smiling family waving a controller” commercials and give us cinematic experiences that make us froth at the mouth for a game and show the outsiders that Nintendo is every bit as serious about games.

  23. First i would have nintendo and sony merge back into one company. Then use combine company to rebuild nintendo as one. I would then i would kill both Wii & WiiU. and make a major announcement that the next Gamecube system is coming out called the Gamecube 2. its will have both sony & nintendo exclusives all games will be on blu-ray. The online will be set up like PSN but with a nintendo twist but without the friend codes.

  24. @wrackune
    I’ve been saying it for a while! There is no reason why 3ds games shouldn’t be advertised in 3D movies! Mention in the ad that you can see this (add the best 3DS game shots) without the glasses? You need a 3DS!

    Drop rediculus prices developers pay to make games for nintendo download shops.

    I don’t think full nintendo games need to be on iOS, but I do like the idea of putting small trials for free on it. Full versions will be sold only by nintendo.

    Make the WiiU upgradable. It will be at least as powerful as PS3, but once PS4 and the next xbox comes out, its old tech again. Once the next gen systems drop, sell something you can plug in the WIiU that upgrades graphics (like N64’s expansion pack but much more powerful). Boom, you now have the WiiU2(or whatever other better name we come up with). It will be touted as the cheapest next gen system and it can then compete. Then, support it and it alone. Only sell games marked WiiU2 and go crazy.

    STOP selling the DS! It makes no sense to keep DS’ on shelves. It only confuses the uninformed. They just released a new DSiXL color for god sake! WTF?!!!

    Make awesome titles that are more adult oriented that can show off the WiiU2’s graphics (like eternal darkness 2!!!!!!!!!!). Show what it can do. With a more friendly development environment, 3rd party publishers will come around.

    Social media apps on 3DS

  25. I almost forgot! You should be able to unlock more free games after you street pass a certain amount of people. Everyone would carry their 3ds at all times then.

    Also, upgrade the Mii’s. We can do better at this point I think.

  26. get rare back from Microsoft. some of n64s best games were due to them

  27. You have asked a very good question. Perhaps a list of the top suggestions should constantly stay available as a means to let viewers of the site, preferably Nintendo themselves, see what it is that the consumers want and what direction they would like Nintendo to take.

    1) Ensure that the Wii U will support Direct X 11/Open GL 4.2 or equivalent functions so that all of the next-generation game engines can run on it at full capability.

    2) Ensure that the Wii U can handle running games at native 1080P without the need to upscale.

    3) Ensure that up to at least 4 Wii U controllers can be used on a single console at the same time.

    4) Make the Wii U controller’s touch screen multi-touch capable.

    5) Ensure that both the Wii U controller’s and the 3DS’ cameras are at least 1.3 megapixels.

    6) Redesign the 3DS to match all of the Wii U controller’s functionality including dual circle pads, widescreen touchscreen, ZL & ZR triggers, magnetic sensor, rumble, and multi-touch capable screen so that it can be used as a completely functional substitute for the Wii U controller.

    7) Replace the battery of the redesigned 3DS with one that lasts at least 8-10 hours.

    8) Sell retail 3DS games and provide playable demos on the eShop.

    9) Develop Mother 4 for the Wii U.

    10) Develop Metroid Dread for the 3DS.

    Bonus: Add an OnLive app to the Wii, Wii U, and 3DS so that OnLive can be played from Nintendo’s systems.

  28. I agree with Nintendo that iOS is not something that they need to be band-wagoning on. What they do need to do, though, is make their ports cheaper and more feature-rich (save states, etc.). They’re missing out on a lot of money by crapping out the expensive feature-lacking versions currently on the eShop.

    With the current screen on the 3DS I think it would be wise to ignore 3D AR for the time being, but I do agree that an ENORMOUS opportunity is being missed by not having full-length Hollywood 3D movies available for the 3DS for around $15 a pop (with special features). Hopefully Netflix will roll-out some 3D content in the near future, but it’s not up to them to provide content for the 3DS, Nintendo needs to get its head straight.

  29. (double post)

    Oh, yeah, Club Nintendo. North American Club Nintendo is by far the worst worldwide. There’s no need for that, we could use a lot more stuff on there. -__-

  30. Develop a 3DS that has symmetrical screens, rebrand it as the Super DS and focus on DS type content. The 3D feature wouldn’t be trashed, it just would be ignored like Pictochat.

    With the rebranding a hard push would be made for single cart game sharing (download play), eshop games and adventurous games that could only be best experienced on the hand held. SDS download play could permanently store games from download play but limit the amount of times played like with Zune music sharing. Eshop games would have a stronger focus on multiplayer and using SDS only features to enhance the experience. That means screen shots, limited DS download play style game sharing, camera and music effects being bundled with the games for the relevant channels and other type of SDS integration. I’d also start rereleasing DS and GBA games via the eshop to play at the 3DS’s resolution properly. These would be top sellers, odd games and Touch Generations games like Hotel Dusk, Warioware Twisted, Gunstar Super Heroes, Meteos and New Super Mario Bros.

    Club Nintendo accounts will store games centrally like Live accounts instead of being used as a google-esque information gathering machine that has poor rewards for tracking me.

    I’d drop the price of the Wii and sell each system with 2 player functionality out of the box with 4 games that will get people hungry for more Wii games. Wii Sports Resort+, Super Mario Bros. 5, Super Smash Bros. Brawl and Metroid Prime Trilogy. That should increase the hunger for multiplayer games, shooters, sports and action/platformers.

    To follow up on people buying more Wii controllers and wanting more content I’d urge developers to create more Wii channels and to focus more on content that involves multiple players. Hulu and Amazon would be hounded for channels and with the lower Wii development costs and low power draw I would then try to license the Wii to television manufacturers for integration. Yes, there will be 1080p, 3D tv’s selling with Wii hardware built into them. The games would be upscaled via the tv like they are now and still would not support HD natively, but most people cannot see that difference. The system is underpowered anyway.

    While the Wii is revitalized for its’ last run I would focus on Wii-U development and advertising. Play up the fact that all Wii games and accessories can be used with it, but that it offers a new way to play and better graphics. Advertise people with huge families or lots of friends playing the Wii-U with multiple tablets and then walking into another room to play the same game on those tablets while the parents change the input channel to Wii and play original Wii games together. Maybe that Ubisoft game with the suggestive advertising?

    Yes, in my one day I would try to requisition all of this. I skipped over quite a bit that people care about but I would love to have something similar to what I described.

  31. 1. Finish making ‘Donkey Kong Racing’ goddamnit! And on that note, whenever an announced game gets cancelled I would also have the responsible parties shot on the spot. On the kneecaps…

    2. Lend out first party titles to major 2nd & 3rd parties. I say this because I’m sick and tired of saving the fucking princess for 25 years now, man! Either get yourselves some better writers or let another company make some magic like Square did with Mario RPG on the SNES.
    Honestly, that’s one of the best Mario games because it strays so far from your usual predictable Mario “adventure”.

    3. Also, stop wasting precious time and effort to release another Mario Party or Mario Sport title with no significant improvements. This ain’t Madden! And bring back the double-dash aspect to Mario Kart, you bastards! At least as an option…

  32. 1 – Overhaul all eShops. For every system on Virtual Console release about 1% of the library, NOT the paltry trickle that there is now. Change the pricing to be more in line with the App Store and, even better, simply allow developers to set their own prices. Remove the abysmally small file size limit. Change the payment structure to developers. Keep the automatic payments at set sales thresholds (every 50K) but also include an automatic account clearance/payout at least every quarter.

    2 – Refine the WiiU. I love the idea and design; stick with it. HOWEVER, allow four controllers simultaneously and make the screens AT LEAST 720p with multitouch. Include at least 100GB of flash memory storage with robust, easy to use, data transfer and management tools. Stop pussy-footing around and include a full, standard, Blu-Ray drive with Blu-Ray movie support. LAUNCH WITH A FULL, TRADITIONAL, MARIO GAME!

    3 – Stop treating the world as three separate markets. Support more (all) simultaneous worldwide launches of games, consoles, and accessories. Also unify Club Nintendo and eShop worldwide.

    4 – Release a dedicated Virtual Console/eShop system. No physical media. 3 SKUs (8GB, 16 GB, and 32GB) but also include memory card support. Include one analog stick to add support for up to N64 games. Price it at $80, $100, and $120 (along with the drop in eShop titles already mentioned).

    5 – Either convince Netflix to stream (and allow purchase of) full-length, 3D, feature-films or, if they aren’t up to it, do it yourself. Continue to release the 3D mini-feature movies and allow people to spend $0.99 to keep the movie permanently if desired.

    6 – Fully use the 3DS’s features. More AR specific games (even if only downloadable through eShop). More StreetPass games. Just plain more.

    7 – Okay, you got the casual and (let’s call it) “traditional” markets covered. You guys are great there. Now buy a studio that will release ONLY Mature content on your systems. (No, Mature doesn’t mean that they will cuss wantonly or have pointless nudity, but instead that these items will not be off the table when also combined with adult themes. Not every game can or should be Mature rated {we don’t need a stripper named Peach with a stage name of Princess, for example} but that doesn’t mean that those games cannot exist alongside Mature rated titles.

    8 – This one is pretty much just for me, but buy NIS (Nippon Ichi Software). Their unique games and approach to game design is perfect for Nintendo.

    9 – Try to follow the bleeding edge of trends. How great would it have been to (about 6 months ago) sign an exclusive deal or contract with Mojang for a Nintendo only series of Minecraft ports?

    @The Nintendo Nerd – Absolutely turn Metroid into the Halo of Nintendo! This idea is sheerly fantastic!

  33. most of your 13 points would fold nintendo in less than a year.

  34. 1- Release skyward sword tomorrow
    2- quit and buy it.

  35. Open up Nintendo themed amusement parks all over the country with rides and a big ass arcade each. The arcades will have exclusive games that cannot be played even at home, and be used to further advertise nintendo’s excellent IP portfolio. Get in the movie business and tv business. Make movies and cartoons with all IP’s and give them AAA movie and tv budgets. Make them available exclusively for streaming on Nintendo consoles only after the run in theaters is over. Make new games based off the movies. Get into the tv manufacturing business and make the next gen a tv/console to become completely self sufficient.

  36. Also remaster the project rainfall games to Wii U. Completely redo the graphics and user interface for Wii U and make them launch games. Make D&D tabletop games for Wii U such that the dungeon master uses the Wii U tablet and all others use wiimotes. Lower prices of all Nintendo downloadable games. Also next redesign improve the 3D screen. Provide 3 different views so that at different angles you do not lose the 3D effect.

  37. Release metroid 2 deluxe edition for Nintendo eshop. This game boy game is a remastered version with full color, super game boy borders and a full 3D option. Thereafter, give this special treatment to only the best game boy games (for example, Zelda oracle of seasons) and release periodically as part of the 3D classics line. Go back and release a deluxe version of donkey kong ’94 GB.

  38. Incorporate a new advanced voice control system for wii U that’s better than Siri on iPhone or xbox kinect. Be the leader in this field and beat everyone else to the punch.

  39. @ ac: sir, your idea for tabletop RPG games on wii u is excellent, bravo! This shows how much undiscovered potential the console has, let’s hope it will not be wasted!

  40. 1. Lower 3DS game prices to $29.99 per game.
    2. Reduce the prices of any and all 3DS Virtual Console games to 200 points. Anything higher and I might as well buy the game on Amazon.
    3. Organize the eShop properly and stop changing its organization so frequently.
    4. Start marketing the 3DS so much that it will rival the Game Boy. The reason the Game Boy beat the Gamegear was because of its battery life and excellent marketing.
    5. Scrap the Wii U name.
    6. Stop confusing potential buyers with the Wii U. Provide a definite explanation of what it is, how it will work, and what sets it apart from the competition.
    7. Start work on a Contra and a Castlevania for the 3DS to show hardcore gamers that the 3DS is right for them, too. Also, ensure that the Castlevania will either be modeled after I or II, all later Castlevania games just don’t do it for me.
    8. Stop sticking “3D” or “3DS” into the title of every 3DS game you release. Case in point: Super Mario 3D Land, Pilotwings 3D, etc. We know it’s in 3D, so why not make the title interesting?
    9. Release full-fledged sequels for Virtual Boy games on the 3DS. Back when the creativity was at its max, Nintendo had some truly excellent ideas for 3D games, but the Virtual Boy wasn’t able to successfully execute them. Try them now!
    10. Scrap the analog stick extension for the 3DS.

  41. I’m surprised no one said “sell the Mariners”.

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