I think we all know what the 3DS needs


Mii. As in, me. That’s a play on words, see.

If you’d like to raise the bar—if not the battery life—for your Nintendo 3DS, consider adding the ginger half of Infendo Radio to your fancy new handheld. Thanks to the wonders of UPC QR codes, you can import my Mii, giving you a visual aid for the magic we weave via the podcast medium.

That is, if you want to. I’m having too much fun with this.


  1. Derek, you look a bit like jesus! You are now, on my 3DS!

  2. My 3DS scanned it off my iPhone screen in about one second–before I even started trying to get a level angle! This little machine just keeps amazing me. Welcome aboard!

  3. lol we now have Jesus on our 3ds’. I agree the scan was so fast it amazed me.

  4. Cool, it worked! This is really awesome!

  5. Here’s mine!

  6. That was awesome! Did it from my iPhone to in seconds!

  7. I’m still wondering for the life of me, how can I get my 3DS Mii QR Code up without having to wait for the Internet Browser for 3DS to be launched without a Facebook app to it also. I would do it if I had a Digital Camera, but my mother lost it on our last trip. -__-

  8. Thanks Derek & David for your Miis. Hope you enjoy your stay in Canada, eh!

  9. /i dont have a 3ds yet.. would someone care to explain what this is

  10. @ droop4…

    That little square symbol is your personal Street Pass Mii QR code. When another player points their 3DS’s outer camera at the code, your Mii is added to the population their 3DS Mii Plaza for use in games and other fun stuff. It happens amazingly quick.

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