How Many Times?

For any that have played countless hours on Nintendo’s first home console, the NES, you know this feeling all too well. Bad puns aside, was it really that long ago?


  1. Who remembers this trick

    “Turn the power off and on over and over and over again, itll work one time”

    I spent 30 minutes mashing a damn button that wasnt even playing a game once because I was too stubborn to pull the game out >> << >>

  2. I gave a speech on how to get your nes game to start first try. I had a standing ovation.

    About (roughly) 7 hours of my life was blowing into a cartrige, and not gaming. But it was worth it.

  3. i used to get so angry at that stupid thing… put it in… move it around… hold reset… move it around… repeat… pull it out… blow in it… put it in… repeat… blue screen… grey screen… pink screen… black screen… game scrambled… game flashing on and off… ect.. ect.. ect…

  4. I cant believe I almost forgot about that haha. Blow the game, blow in the system. Blow a cock. Etcetera. Damn those were good ol days

  5. “Blow a cock. Etcetera.”

    Tell me about it.

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