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Oh man, this is gonna be sweet. Jonathan S. Harbour, author of “Programming The Nintendo Game Boy Advance“, has e-book PDFs of his book– which was originally meant to go to stores, but legal problems with Nintendo prevented its sale– on his site up for download now. Soon he’ll have a CD-ROM for sale containing the e-book, source code, utilities, and compiler tools. Until it is, you can pre-order it by emailing him. Read the deets and download the PDFs at the site.

I cannot wait to play some wicked indie games on my Micro a couple years from now. Aspiring developers, take your stage.

[Source: Joystiq]


  1. Wow that’s very cool!

    I wonder if there will be a DS programming book in many years time cus that could provide an interesting past time. Great to see such books! I wonder if there are any books out there on how to programme for stuff like NES and Saturn, etc consoles?

  2. I’ve been thinking about getting into GBA programming for awhile but many of the tutorials online are kind of iffy or just not extensive enough. Having access to a full fledged book though, that’s pretty sweet. I know what I’ll be spending my winter vacation reading (in between playing DS games).

  3. Note: This book has been up for download since long long ago. It uses the devkit, VisualHam and the CD has been available for purchase for quite some time. You don’t have to preorder it. Also Jonathan is teaching game development at the University of Advancing Technology in Pheonix, AZ now. Its odd that now he’s teaching people how to make handheld games (DS, GBA, and PSP in a class I believe) after he made this book. He’s a great help in game dev in a very real way, he has his own message board that he responds to whenever he has the chance.

    But if you want, there are actually DS development sites out there. Check out for stuff. Or if you’re still into the GBA, check out

    Right now I’m working with a DS library called PALib, you can all check it out at

  4. Really? Oh wow. Both my source and the site itself says it’s comin in March, maybe i missed somethin.

    Anyhoo, i want ppl to make some seriously unique, cool games. I’d offer my help, but idaknow what that would be.

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