Resident Evil 4 Wins Game of the Year

Resident Evil 4 wins Game of the Year at the 2005 Spike TV Video game awards. The title also picked up best graphics of the year even though it was released back in January. Must have been the graphical craftsmanship.

Nice win for the GameCube console, though it’s not a first party game. Regardless, well done Capcom.

[Source: Gamer Horizon]


  1. Huzzah for Re4! *balloons, confetti*

    But man, the Spike VGA really are a load. In ‘most innovative technology’ they pitted ‘nintendogs voice recognition’ against ‘THE PSP.’ Like, the whole freaking system vs. ‘Here, boy! Good boy!’ Psh. Like that’s fair. Hey Spike, how about that touch screen? ‘What touch screen?’ they say. I will only believe that awards have been apporpriately given once G4 snatches the VGA from the evil corporate clutches of Spike. And once 50cent leaves the audience and we put Shigsy in his seat. Mainstreamed gaming is crap. But alas, tis the future.

  2. Yeah, the PS2’s graphics…and loadtimes makes it known that this award was givin to Gamecube. Devil May Cry 3 had better graphics than the RE4 PS2 version.

    And I agree about the PSP vs Nintendogs BS. Hey You Pikachu came out like what, 7 years ago,and did almost all the same s**t that Nintendogs does with voice recognition!!! Give the award to originality with touch screen technology, not the mic and voice recognition.


  3. G4’s award show is just as bad as Spike’s. Speaking as both a gamer and a former TechTV fan, I find the entire G4 channel to be insulting.

  4. [the first anonymous commenter]
    Oh, I must’ve missed G4’s awards show. I didn’t even know they had had one. And I do agree that G4 could be A LOT better in many aspects. What’s up with freaking shows about cars and racing on so called “Videogame Television?” Let’s stay a little more to the point, G4.

  5. “G4’s award show is just as bad as Spike’s.”
    Pretty much the same turd.

  6. I don’t mind attack of the show, and cinematech. Sometimes the electric playground is ok. Everything else is mindless banter about games that have usually been out for quite a while. And reviewers Tommy Talrico and that other **** stick are so worthless that You couldn’t trust any review they give. Tommy especially seems to like games that suck but fit his interest, and he complains about crap that only an anal little punk would think of. Overall the channel has a lot of potential but with the current lineup, the same crew in almost every show, the car bs that would make a better fit on the speed channel, and a syndicated piece of garbage that clearly shows why it was cancelled, yet fails to show why any other network would want it. okay, i’m done.

  7. Congrats to RE4, but I agree; G4 is retarded. Voice recognition vs. the ENTIRE PSP? wtf kind of person at their network would think that was a good idea? Someone who obviously doesn’t understand gaming. Especially since the PSP is not innovative at all.

  8. “Especially since the PSP is not innovative at all.”

    Don’t say that.

  9. In what sense is the PSP innovative? It’s pretty much a more commercial version of the Gamepark 32.

  10. I haven’t watched either channel’s award show (beyond a few seconds) but honestly neither one is something I as a gamer am proud of. I know there are developers out there (like Sony’s David Jaffe) who think the whole Spike TV awards are a farce and wonder why the industry as a whole can’t put together some sort of legitimate awards ceremony.

    Also G4 is such painfully insulting crap. They do a good job of getting their target audience (my 14 year old brother loves it) but as a 23 year old veteran gamer is makes me ill.

  11. I guess we gotta do this.*sigh*

    It’s the first disc-based handheld, it’s the first handheld with builti-in music and movie playback, it’s the first handheld to display photos, and it’s the first handheld to almost close the gap between it and its console brother, offering console quality games in a portable form. You may not like some or any of those features (same with me), but the PSP is an evolutionary innovation– it’s ahead of its time. That’s why it’s stumbling now. When the time comes and it’s all done right, it’ll show.

  12. The GP32 had built in music playback, movie playback, and could display photos. And, no doubt, there were probably a few systems before it that could, too. Also, while the GP32 didn’t try to close the gap between consoles and handhelds, that doesn’t mean it hasn’t been done before. In fact, the gap has been closed. Remember the Nomad? Actual console games, on a handheld. The only way I can think of in which the PSP innovates at all would be the disc-based medium, which, really, from what I can tell, only benefits Sony.

  13. Was the GP32 mainstream? Or the Nomad for that matter? Also, PSP was the first handheld to have wifi enabled games. And the browser too, prob.

  14. Okay, so innovation only counts if you can afford TV ads. I’m willing to live with that. I wonder, if a product starts out non-mainstream and then slowly catches on, like the iPod or something, at what point does it become innovative? Does it become innovative once it reaches X amount of sales, or does it innovate a little more with each purchase? I know one thing; Nintendo better have some serious PR ready if they want the Revolution to be as innovative as the PS2.

  15. They were all innovative– Nomad, GP32- but until someone did it well enough, no one took notice. That’s where the innovation is and what makes it mainstream. If Nomad or GP32 were as good as PSP, they woulda had similar success.

  16. Some one has to do it.

    adj 1: ahead of the times;

    2: being or producing something like nothing done or experienced or created before;

    [syn: innovational, groundbreaking]

    That should clear any confusion. Rollin spells it out quite clearly too.

  17. I see nothing there that describes the PSP. Okay, fine. The PSP is fucking innovative. So is the PS1, PS2 and XBox, and any other turd released in the past eternity. I took an innovative dump the other day.

  18. Don’t let the fandom cloud ur eyes, brotha.

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