Hey Infendo, what’s great in WiiWare these days?

874945-logo_wiiware_largeHey Infendo, what’s up? You guys and gals are looking sharp. Especially you there in the front row. Yeouch!

Good times. Good times.

Anyway, enough chit chat. I need some help.

Ha, ha—NO, silly, I don’t need any money.

What I DO need is some advice on WiiWare. I need some new games, you see, and I’m currently sitting on $40 in Wii Points cards and a few more $’s in my account online.

What to get? I recently purchased Bit.Trip.Beat and Lit. Both were enjoyable. I also have WiiWare staples Megan Man 9 and Gradius Rebirth. I’m planning on getting Swords & Soldiers, so don’t worry about that one.

That still leaves a bunch of unused points though, and they’re burning a hole in my coffee table, eager to be spent.

But I’ve been inexcusably lax on my WiiWare news, and I’m afraid I just don’t know what’s worth downloading to this shiny new SD card I have stuck in the Wii right now. Or maybe I should wait.

You tell me.