Nintendo/MacDonald’s Wifi Launch

Our “in-the-field” blogger Noah Powell (pictured) got pics of the wifi launch event in Chicago. He said it was pretty cool despite the excess number of suits and clowns hanging around. The important thing: Nintendo Wi-Fi along with Mario Kart DS launched today.

Thanks for the pics Noah!!!

Mario and Ronny “flip the switch”

Who would win in a fight between these two?

Rondiddy, Noah, and Mario


  1. Called EB Games, WalMart, Gamestop…went to Game Rush, Game Crazy and Target. None of them had Mario Kart. Gonna have to wait until tomorrow.

  2. wow thats a mcdonalds? iv nvr seen one that looks so nice

  3. I wonder if NWS in NYC has it? I will go there now! Must shower first!!

  4. nice pics dude

  5. “Who would win in a fight between these two?”

    Mario’s girth and size can easily take on that skinny clown.


  6. Yeah, the release dates are generally “ship dates”… so most (read: not all) places get the games the day after. GameStop should have it tomorrow, though. 🙂

  7. I just phoned up NWS-NYC and THEY HAVE THE GAME.

    Open the flood gates!

  8. yeah that mcyd’s is new. i’ve ben there. they have all kinds of plasma screens everywhere showing different stuff. its a really nice place. too bad ther isn’t any good food 😛

  9. Which McDonalds is that? I thought it was the one on Clark, but that looks far too nice. Is it the new one on Chicago?

  10. As a vegitarian i hate mcdonals grr….>=( but since A&W now has a vegiburger i LOVE A&W =D seriously though i hope nintendo spreads the thing to other joints specially the ones in Canada since i live there, but then i could alwase dig a tunnel under my friends house and use the router =P

  11. Ahaha… a clash of the titans. Scary. At least Grimace wasn’t there.

    And, um… Noah is hot <3 Nice shirt. Rowr. (Yes, it's OK, I'm female)

  12. Well I guess this isn’t the first time Super Mario and Ronald McDonald have crossed paths.

    Super Mario Bros. 3 anyone?

  13. Also to note, the event took place in Chicago. According to Steven King (via late Night with Conan O’Brien) there’s an actual place called “McDonaldland” in Chicago, which may explain the mecca-like ambiance for that McDonalds.

    I guess I’ve a better reason to go there than inhale McFlurries and Filet-O-Fish.

  14. Its the McDonalds on 600 N Michigan. Its the biggest McDonalds. Ever. There’s escaladers, so you don’t have to strain yourself getting your Big Macs up to the second floor. I have to say that, yeah, I think the food is horrible and poisonous, but god help me I love me some Egg McMuffins. mmmm.

  15. Dude is hot.

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