Have you heard everything the Mole said?


MPAmontymoleIf you have been checking Infendo recently, you may have noticed a few posts about insider information regarding a few upcoming titles. One involving a ground up project for Star Fox coming on either the Wii or the Nintendo DSi. Which would be considered a revival of the franchise.

We also had information on that ‘football patent’ which apparently is for the a new Mario sports title, Mario ‘All American Football’. Not surprising after the success of Sluggers and Strikers. I’m also pretty sure that ‘All American Football’ isn’t the final name of the project considering that Sluggers and Strikers sum up the other Mario sports games.

Then we finally had an announcement about the New Zelda game for the Wii. As an apparent Zelda trailer should be hitting us sometime in October of 2009, either through what might be another Nintendo Business Media Summit or something else altogether.

Either way with two big triple A titles and a sports game coming up from Nintendo from an insider source I would have to say things are looking good. Are you guys really excited for all this upcoming gaming goodness?

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  1. It be cool if your mole was montey mole! He’s sneaking you guys information because he’s not as famous as shy guys or the koopa troopas 😀

  2. Mario Full Contact, I think would be a good name for the new Football game.

  3. Not too excited by Star Fox and honestly the sports titles are fun but with the Wii’s online friend code mess I’m not too excited for it either plus I have too many perepherals as it is. A new Zelda trailer however I am truly pumped about.

  4. I’m not sure I’d refer to Star Fox as a “big Triple A” game, considering it’s been a long time since a Star Fox game has been in that level (StarFox 64). I’m looking forward to it, but they really need to hit a homerun with this one.

  5. I want to be excited but i cant till this is official. but damn i want this to all pan out.

  6. All I care about is Star Fox. And if its for DSi, then forget it.

    There is no way we’ll see a Zelda trailer in a month, so just throw that out.

    Mario football is the fun idea, and I want it, but sadly its the least exciting one but the most likely to happen.

  7. You’d better not be yanking our chains!!!

  8. The new Zelda trailer will be exciting, and I also think that Mario Football game is a cool idea.

    The one thing I’m more interested in than anything, though, is Star Fox. And I hope to God it’s shown at the Nintendo Conference in October. I really hope it is back to the basics with cool new locales, villains, and content. No sequel has even come close to matching Star Fox SNES and Star Fox 64, but I hope that this is a Wii game that can rival the greatest.