Grand Theft Mario: “Koopa just got real”


Best line from the parody: “Never bring a hammer to a gunfight.” Warning: Somebody drops both an s-bomb and b-bomb in the video. Viewer discretion advised. (Thanks, Josh)


  1. I wish this was just clips from an actual mod. At least Goldeneye source is complete.

  2. Good Lord is this place TRYING to lose readers?

    Doctor Lautrec and the Forgotten Knights. This is a new 3DS game announced by Konami, and some are accusing it of being a Professor Layton ripoff, despite its claims to have more deep gameplay.

    This would be the perfect kind of NEWS STORY that infendo could run instead of this garbage.

  3. @go getter.. i agree, relevant and interesting news about nintendo products and concepts would be appreciated, more frequently.

    But still i know where they’re coming from, it is rather amusing and im sure they needed to blow off some steam!

  4. that was a fun video. Game would never happen, but I appreciate the time they took for that.

    3DS news is appreciated though.

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