Glitch in Donkey Kong Country 2 for the Virtual Console?

Donkey Kong Country 2Donkey Kong and Infendo fan, Andrew, has already finished playing the SNES classic Donkey Kong Country 2 on his Wii and had this to say about the Virtual Console title:

Earlier today, I beat it, but I noticed something wrong that’s pretty disheartening. In the SNES version of the game, finding every bonus level would net you a completion percentage of 102% when you beat the game. I found everything in the VC version of the game, but my completion percentage at the end was 100%, not the 102% I was expecting.

Could he have possibly missed 2% when he played it? Did anyone else finish this game? Or has Nintendo tinkered with another Virtual Console release?

[UPDATE] Apparently it hasn’t been modified. Andrew went on to find out that the additional 2% are possible:

7. What is the maximum percentage?
After you find everything in the game you’ll have 102%.

This means that you need to find all the Bonus Levels on each level and visit everything”“This includes the “non-levels”. Non-levels are the miscellaneous levels like the Monkey Museum and Kong Kollege, etc”¦

Sure enough, I made sure I visited everything in the game at least once, and lo and behold”¦102%.

Thanks for the update!