Geometry Wars coming to Wii, DS on Nov. 20


LOS ANGELES (November 6, 2007) – Sierra Entertainment, a division of Vivendi Games announced today that Geometry Wars: Galaxies has gone gold and will be available nationwide on November 20th for the Nintendo Wii and November 27th for the Nintendo DS.

The Geometry Wars: Galaxies videogame for both the Nintendo Wii and DS accelerates to warp speed with tons of enemies, more than 60 planets, bigger power-ups and a brand new Battle Drone to help players tear through the campaign mode. For the first time ever, Geometry Wars will also let players battle in a variety of planets in multiplayer mode.

Those that own both the Nintendo Wii and DS games can link the game together using Wi-Fi to unlock bonus levels to both videogames. As well, Geometry Wars: Galaxies is one of the first Nintendo Wii videogames to offer the ability to link the Nintendo Wii system via GameShare with the DS system to download a full, free version of Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved.

“We are excited to provide in Geometry Wars: Galaxies more than 60 times the amount of content than Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved with new levels, controls, weapons and enemies,” said Al Simone, senior vice president, global marketing for Sierra Entertainment.

Geometry Wars: Galaxies is now available for pre-sell and will be available on Nintendo Wii for $39.99 and the Nintendo DS for $29.99. Both games have an ESRB rating of “E” for Everyone. For more information, please visit the game’s official Website at


  1. The (f-word)?!? $40.00?!?!? No thanks. -.-

  2. I’m going for it. I can’t wait.

  3. Sadly, at that price, and with a plethora of other great ganes waitibg to be played (Mario galaxy goes first:D) No, but thanks, maybe when the price drops.

  4. $40!!!!!? Are they F—ing Kidding??? Mario Galaxy and Umbrella Chronicles are both about to drop, Nights and Smas Bros are on their way very soon. That right there is already $200 that I don’t have. Screw Geometry Wars. I would have preferred a $5 download for 1/60 the content. It’s too bad.

  5. wow…okay if this game hadn’t come out on the x-box 360 at a budget price first, then you guys wouldn’t be complaining at all. just about every hands-on review (that i have read) is saying that the new content is making it worth the higher price tag.

  6. Worth the higher price tag? Sure, maybe. I really hope it is. I can see that easily being the case… in a world without those four games I mentioned. My point had less to do with the price of the game and more to do with the fact that they’re charging that much when four A-Plus games are about to hit the US market. I was looking forward to Geometry Wars being a bargain game and I don’t consider a $40 game a bargain game. If the Wii was in a serious drought right now I’d be welcoming this news, but that isn’t the case. There’s just far too many great games fighting for my dollar right now and Geometry Wars is going on the back burner until I see it used for $20 or less.

    I would much rather have seen Geometry Wars come out as the first WiiWare title.

  7. @boisv

    I rather if this game was Wii-Ware period. >.>

  8. I’m so confused… $40 sounds like a really GOOD price to me? I mean, I’m not made of money and I know other people have other games they want to purchase, but why are people saying that’s expensive if it’s a whole $10 LESS than the average Wii game price?

  9. They’re saying it’s expensive because they think it’s still basically a minigame. Considering some of the other 3rd party titles out there on the Wii, I can’t really blame them.

    As for me, I’ll have it by the end of the year whether or not I get it for xmas from someone.

  10. I’m excited about Geometry Wars, but c’mon. This game should have been on wii ware and everyone knows it. I don’t care if there are 5,000 different shaped galaxies, this thing should be $19.99 MAX. $29.99 would almost be tolerable but $39.99 is an insult. I want this game but I’ll let my wallet demonstrate my displeasure. Besides there are TONS of games coming out so I won’t probably miss it.

  11. My problem is this… ok this isn’t the most graphically demanding game, and since it is like one big mini game I would think that the DS can handle it just fine. Should I go with the DS which would compliment that minigame feel and saved me ten bucks, or go Wii style?

  12. I have to agree with some of the comments above. There are just so many Wii games I want now and in the near future. This game comes at a bad time. If it had been released in July or early August, it would have been a must buy. Now it’s a wait till the price drops or get it used. Zack and Wiki, Mario Galaxy, Fire Emblem and Trauma Centre are going to keep me busy for awhile.

  13. Yeah, $40 is to high for me. This just moved from my “BUY” column to “RENT FIRST”.

  14. $40 for this game is more than a fair price considering that it has more content than many games on on Wii that are selling for $50. Not only that, but this one of the greatest shooters around. It’s no Ikaruga, but it’s more compelling and fun to play without killing the challenge. I’m getting this right after I get Galaxy. Then again, I have a job. I’m planning on breaking my normal monthly spending budget to get about 5 Wii games this month.

    Fire Emblem Radiant Dawn
    Geometry Wars Galaxies
    Soul Calibur Legends
    Mercury Meltdown revolution
    Super Mario galaxies

  15. @boisv: i see what you mean now…the games i want most are;

    guitar hero “thwii”
    super mario galaxy
    medal of honor heroes 2
    geometry wars galaxies
    zak and wiki

  16. So apparently by everyone’s anti-$40 logic, this game should be less b/c of all the OTHER great games that are dropping for the Wii in the next few weeks.

    Please promise me none of you will ever go into public service.

    And we knew it was $40 for like months now, where have you people been? And i thought it was supposed to drop next week.

    It also looks like finally a decent multiplayer outside of the party games and Smash which wont drop until 08.

    Now spend your money the way you want, this is still America. But don’t bitch at companies trying to make money.

    If thats the case then get ready for our beloved Wii to go the way of the Gamecube.

    On the sale rack since day 1.

  17. Nick, calm down.

    We just don’t feel like playing $40 for an XBOX Live Arcade game we can buy for $5.

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