Get some! Sega and Gearbox unveil new gameplay footage of Aliens: Colonial Marines


Sega may be experiencing some financial troubles, but that hasn’t stopped them and developer Gearbox from putting the finishing touches on the often-delayed Aliens: Colonial Marines. The German-dubbed footage showcases the usual bits that we’ve seen in previous trailers: Space Marines pumping xenomorphs full of lead and hearing those creepy, yet awesome blips that the motion tracker emits. 

For as many times this title has been delayed since the early 2000s, I’m really excited to see what Gearbox is capable of doing with the Alien franchise. The gameplay looks fast and frantic, the xenomorph designs look smooth and polished, and overall it appears to have retained the sense of fear and nonstop action that made the James Cameron film so enjoyable.  Now, aside from a quality Contra-esque DS entry, the Alien (and Predator franchise to boot) series of games have not had the best track record in the last decade. Hopefully this will break the trend and live up to come Gearbox designers’ positive claims that the Wii U version.

Currently, Sega and Gearbox have not commented on an official release date for Aliens: Colonial Marines, but Fall 2012 seems to be the target release window.

So, anyone willing to play the Wii U version of Aliens: Colonial Marines once it releases? The rumored use of the Wii U controller as the motion tracker sounds as if it could be a major selling point.

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