And You thought Playing the Wii made you look silly…


This is how you look playing the Kinect. Video credit @Rocco Botte

An artist from New York. Will has been writing, designing, and loving video games since he was young. He has traveled across the United States, and parts of Canada in order to learn more about the world of gaming. After visiting E3 for the first time in 2009, he has vowed to return there and show off a game of his own. In his spare time he tinkers with electronics, programming, and of course collecting video games.


  1. I’ll admit, this does make people look funny, yet it might work better for some people than Wii Fit.

  2. this is pathetic, purely pathetic. microsoft = fail

  3. Wii waggle was so 2006! Kinect Flail is the new fad! XD

  4. Gamers aren’t going to want to move that much. Heck, casual fans won’t want to move that much.

  5. i feel tired from watching that

  6. Hahaha that´s so funny xD.

  7. Was he on a Red Bull/Snickers/Caffeine rush?

  8. America’s obesity problem is solved?

  9. More like over population control, heart attack creator.

  10. Uh, no. I can do that on my own, without a time limit, thank you very much.

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