SEGA president: We’re “making considerable investment in core games for the Wii”

During its most successful years, SEGA marketed itself an extreme, edgy games-maker that catered to the hardcore tastes of the market.

It worked once. Why not try again?

In an interview Wednesday with IGN, SEGA of America president Simon Jeffery made it clear his company is making an effort to reach the hardcore Wii gamer.

“SEGA is making considerable investment in core games for the Wii,” says Jeffery. “We strongly believe that games like Mad World and House of the Dead Overkill have a great place on the Wii — and Nintendo of America shares our belief. Everyone is churning out wide market and family-friendly fare for the Wii platform, but there are millions of core gamers being underserved right now.”

This philosophy was one of the factors behind SEGA’s decision to publish The Conduit, High Voltage Software’s anticipated shooter.

“The Conduit is one of those games that ignites a frenzy of interest across the gaming community. We really liked the way High Voltage was promoting and presenting the game. They had us at ‘The”¦'”

As reported on Infendo last month, rumors persist that High Voltage Software has already begun working on a sequel, and Jeffery seems enthusiastic about its potential as a exclusive Wii franchise for SEGA.

“We are currently only talking about the first game, but we have every belief that HVS is building something awesome here.”