Game delay smashes Wii’s launch to Ele-bits

Wii’s already lacking launch has taken a big hit. The newest, freshest, quirkiest game set to accompany Wii to its debut has declined the invitation — Konami has delayed Elebits until mid-December. Something about the approval process is holding it back, even though the game itself is relatively finished. Damn that Treehouse.

Well, there goes my November 19th. Now i have to choose between a bunch of shooters whose only innovations are outside of the game (and in your hands), a Wii-adapted GameCube title, a DS surgery game remake, an off-road racer with questionable controls, monkeys in plastic balls, and a football sim. Any suggestions?

Gotcha. WiiSports it is.

[Ed note: Rollin’s just grumpy that his favorite game got delayed. Let’s everyone just pack it up and go home… j/k – Blake]