Forget hardware: Nintendo’s problem is lack of games

What’s the cause of Nintendo’s current slump? It has nothing to do with hardware, says Kotaku’since 2009, the company has simply stopped making killer-games:

Nintendo’s quandary isn’t how to turn the 3DS into the next DS or as an answer to the iPhone or whatever hardware comparison seems fun to make. Their quandary is where their next Wii Fit is, where the successor to Wii Sports and New Super Mario Bros DS is. Culturally phenomenal games aren’t easy to predict: see Pokémon , see Tetris, see Grand Theft Auto III. But out on the horizon, would you bet on Luigi’s Mansion 2, Kid Icarus: Uprising or even the current top game in Japan, Nintendo’s Rhythm Heaven on the Wii to be the next 20 million seller?

Agreed. Once Nintendo decides to start taking risks again and starts releasing must-have, system-seller games, prosperity will return to Mushroom Kingdom.