First third-party Wii nunchuck controller?

Warp Whistle is reporting sans source link to GoNext that the above image is the first third-party Wii nunchcuck controller, and it’s black to boot. Rather than analog, however, the unit features a d-pad to control. From the article: “Game peripheral maker Big Ben is making a Wii Nunchuk Controller, with an on/off switch because it either has rumble or it is wireless.”

You lost me at the “on/off switch because it either has rumble or wireless” part, but expect to start seeing these (or other third-party accessories) soon. You’ll only see official Wiimotes in my house, though, being the Ninty purist that I am.

10 Responses to First third-party Wii nunchuck controller?

  1. Anonymous says:

    bleh. this looks like a real stinker to me.

  2. Jake says:

    … Who replaces C-sticks with D-pads anyway? ah well. I’m buying first party anyway. Unless there is something that looks exactly like it only cheaper.

  3. MacUser says:

    third party controllers never feel quite right.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I think they mean you could use the switch to either turn the rumble on or off, or it has batteries in it to connect wirelessly to the wiimote. Not a bad idea, as there would be no cable running between the nunchuk and wiimote.

  5. ??? says:

    For some reason it NEVER occurred to me that third party controllers for the Wii would ever be manufactured- because the controllers themselves seemed so unique and un-cloneable. I’d have to say that I too usually try to buy first party and the only way I can be convinced otherwise is if another company release some pink stuff before the big N.

  6. Tadashi Oshima says:

    In before lawsuit.
    Using the Nunchuck design for a non-Wii related peripheral isn’t really healthy.

    Actually I saw the pad at the Games Convention, but not the controller.

  7. Andrew G. says:

    Oh my, that’s almost offensive. ^_^

    And a tad embarassing. Rip-offs are never any good.

    Oh well.

    As for my opinion on 3rd party controllers: With Wii, I’m going to be a little skeptical, as it’s a very unique controller. But if it’s similar enough and price is not as crippling as Nintendo’s home-brewed wiimotes, I’d consider.

  8. tmuggle says:

    I’ve learned my lesson – never again will I get a third party controller. I bought 3 different Gamecube controllers and something went wrong with each. And yet from Nintendo every controller from the NES up still works fine.

  9. Anonymous says:

    I’m not sure if anyone mentioned it yet, but in the Nov. NP, the madden article shows them playing with 4 black wiimotes and nunchuks.

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