Wiird Name

It’s no secret that the Nintendo Revolution renaming has turned more people off than on. The weird new name- Nintendo Wii- has most recalling their last roller coaster ride. Nintendo seems to love the new branding, but not alot of their fans share that love. Bloggers, big game sites, insiders, and other outlets have also expressed their opinions.

The ratio of people who don’t like the name versus the people who do is about 90/10. A staggering discrepancy. Disgruntled fans are making photoshops left and right to show how they feel. Some have even gone as far as to make petitions to beg Nintendo to change the console’s name to anything but Wii. (Since i’m on the underpopulated pro-Wii side of the fence and found this silly, i went ahead and made my own petition.) The backlash is really astounding.

Is the name really that foreboding?