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It’s no secret that the Nintendo Revolution renaming has turned more people off than on. The weird new name- Nintendo Wii- has most recalling their last roller coaster ride. Nintendo seems to love the new branding, but not alot of their fans share that love. Bloggers, big game sites, insiders, and other outlets have also expressed their opinions.

The ratio of people who don’t like the name versus the people who do is about 90/10. A staggering discrepancy. Disgruntled fans are making photoshops left and right to show how they feel. Some have even gone as far as to make petitions to beg Nintendo to change the console’s name to anything but Wii. (Since i’m on the underpopulated pro-Wii side of the fence and found this silly, i went ahead and made my own petition.) The backlash is really astounding.

Is the name really that foreboding?

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  1. Jibaro009 says:

    I’m a Nintendo Fanboy but Wii does not do it for me. My $.02.

  2. Eric says:

    It’s a silly name, but doesn’t everyone just call their consoles “Nintendo’s” in the end anyway?

  3. Mexican Rocker says:

    I agree with eric… thats what I do.

  4. popdem says:

    it is that forboding… i get pissed off now even when i read or hear someone say the word WE because i’m reminded of how stupid Nintendo’s new branding is… i thought of maybe not buying the system as a protest but then it wouldn’t matter because now and forever… WE will annoyingly be connected to Nintendo in my mind…

  5. David says:

    Honestly, I think the nay-sayers will shut their mouths when they get their hands on the freehand controller.

    Heck, I thought the PlayStation name was dumb when that came out way back when.

    No, this name totally fits what Nintendo are trying to do now. It’s disruptive, their system will be disruptive, and the lines to buy one this fall will be disruptive.

  6. Jacomar says:

    Most gamers hate it , but the name is aimed towards a broader audience.

  7. Vincent says:

    I don’t personally like the name. The marketing behind it sounds like somebody started thinking too much.

    Hopefully, though, consumers’ opinions of the name won’t affect their decision to buy the console. The games will.

    And really, whether we like it or not, Nintendo is married to it, it seems. It’s going to take some serious marketing and branding on Nintendo’s part to pull this off–that is, to make people accept the name. They have a huge marketing challenge ahead of them. It’s going to take awhile for people to get used to it, but as long as we’re inundated with marketing, it will be accepted. People who don’t like the name don’t really have a choice but to accept it.

    For the record, if you think about it, XBox is a really dumb name. I hated that name when the console made its debut. But did the stupid name (or, for that matter, the unnecessarily clunky and ugly hardware) affect sales? Not really. Not in the long run.

    They’ll be fine, regardless of whether people like the name. The backlash against it is pretty short-sighted, because the name has very little bearing on whether or not the console is actually good.

  8. vakerorokero says:

    “Heck, I thought the PlayStation name was dumb when that came out way back when.” hahaha, me too, and now playstation is almost as common reffering video games as Nintendo has been. The only names I have considered cool for consoles has been Genesis & NEOGEO.

  9. Anonymous says:

    I expect most of the hating is because the name came from so far out of left field. I expected something that would reinforce the retro-feel that Nintendo has been so recently pushing. I am plesantly surprised by this single syllable futuristic sounding name, but I shouldn’t be because it fits perfectly with the forward thinking image of the wii.

    We will all come to associate wii with the print/video branding imagry that Nintendo is sure to drown us in. The video on the Nintendo web site is a great start.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Wii are the Revolution!!!

  11. Silent K says:

    Rollin, wasn’t the anti-petition-petition my idea?

    Wii is a weird name, but that’s exactly why I like it.

    This entire event that took place today in the international gamer community – the uproar and the support for this bold new move is the absolute best form of viral marketing that Nintendo could have asked for right now. Everyone in the community is talking about this.

    Regardless of if you hate the name, love the name or fall somewhere inbetween – it’s undeniable that we’re all PSYCHED for N to drop the final Wii bomb at e3 in the days to come.

    Wiiva la Revolution!

  12. FAMICOM83 says:

    PRO Wii petition supporter!

    I agree with Silent K I’m psyched for all the N has to offer

    If you’re a true Nintendo fan and passed puberty you should not let a name phase you.

    I am Pro Wii, I agree with mister invisible everyone is making a big deal over the name; it’s just a name! Your going to call it a Nintendo system anyway, Nintendo Wii, just like Super Nintendo.

    N64’s original name was Ultra Nintendo, BURTAL. Nintendo Entertainment System, then super Nintendo, then ultra Nintendo, that’s just too cliché, so they changed it to Nintendo 64 or N64. Game cube that was also a cliché, “yea lets call it by it geometric shape.” They are just doing what Nintendo does best, stays away from the [email protected] norm which every one is so obsessed with. The name Playstation is so over used and old its like “shouldn’t that thing have cobwebs by now?” or “its like throwing a hot dog down a tunnel” your choice.

    That’s the only reason I buy Nintendo hardware and product, is because they are unique! I have never bought another companies console nor will I. Believe it or not, understand it or not, Nintendo has satisfied me, I have never needed, wanted, or had an urge to buy another companies hardware.

    So while you people bicker against a decent name which should not be of concern, wasting your time and energy saying how much you hate the name, I’m just going to smile, relax, and enjoy all that Nintendo has offered me, and what they will keep providing me………Fun.

  13. Black Adonis says:

    The only name that matters is the final name–the name that shows up in ads and pre-order lists. So what if 9 out of 10 gamers, cloistered in their massive Mega Man collections, hate the name? There’s a whole other world (a blue ocean, if you will) of consumers who won’t care either way.

    All geeks know is their pathetic little lives and hobbies. The name of a fucking videogame system will get these pukes to start petitions and churn out photoshop images, yet little else will.

    That Broken Saints guy was right. Some people have way too much invested into their expectations of Nintendo. I think i need a new hobby; something without all the raging fanboys.

    I hope the Wii sucks ass. I hope Miyamoto comes out, whips out his cock, pisses on the audience and tells them all to get lives and pick up a book.

  14. Ryuukuro says:

    It’s not forboding. It’s just BAD. Revolution has oomph. It has power. Who in the world told them that this was a good idea? Wii looks silly, not exotic, and the pronunciation is wee. Wee as in small. Wee as in urine. Sure I’ll still buy one (it’s not like the name matters to me since I’m already going to buy one) but for everyone else, hardcore or not, it’s just weird. For the most part everyone hates weird. Whoever came up with this idea…no, wait…whoever approved this idea needs to be fired. Seriously.

  15. vakerorokero says:

    “I hope Miyamoto comes out, whips out his cock, pisses on the audience and tells them all to get lives and pick up a book.” That’s bad PR. Maybe Regis would do it just to piss of Kutaragi or rather piss on Kutaragi’s baby.

  16. Wolf says:

    Wow, so because Nintendo picked a gay name, and people don’t like it, we are somehow hitler.
    I think the REVOLOTION will be great, and of couse I will still buy one, and of course the name will probably be less grating after a while.
    But the name still sucks ass.
    And the XBOX 360 is still a stupid ass name too.
    It’s not like it matters or anything, don’t we have a right to speak up about the name if we feel that way?
    If you like the name, good for you. Wow, I bet you feel soo superior because you like the name.
    You can go and play with your wee wee wee’s allyou want.
    Me, I am going to start my own petition to get the name changed to the Ninteno Bowel Movement.

  17. Rollin says:

    “Silent K said…
    Rollin, wasn’t the anti-petition-petition my idea?”

    Yea it was. I gave you a shout-out on my blog, where i really went into it.

  18. Anonymous says:

    i dont see why ppl bitch. its not that bad. alteast it has good meaning. and ithik it looks and sounds sophisticacted. it’s ahead of our time.

  19. vakerorokero says:

    I’ve seen ii in japanese means good. and that Wii in japanese characters looks like bunch of people together. Can you guys get a japanese reader on this?

  20. Nicholas Roussos says:

    Simply put, it’s the most successful branding ever. There’s dozens upon dozens of articles talking about Nintnedo’s new brand. It’s making huge splashes all over the place. Expect to see mainstream media covering it on TV and in newspapers. In short, whether you like it or not, it’s a mindshare coup.

    Going into E3. Everyone is talking about Nintendo. Sony and Microsoft are drowning in sea of Nintendo press. Sometimes, there really is no such thing is bad publicity.

  21. Ryan says:

    xbox 360 is definetely the stupidest name ever. xbox was bad enough and then they add 360, but they wanted something that stuck and that showed they wanted to encompass all facets of gaming. i guess nintendo has done something very similar here with something easy to remember and it has meaning to them. in the end i prefer revolution but no matter what i just want to get that damn controller in my hand and play some damn games.i think nintendo should’ve went with MOVE or Play or heck plaii but what do i know.

  22. Anonymous says:

    …so I come home from school today, and my best friend calls me up.

    “Yo dood. It’s called the wee.”

    “What the hell are you talking about?”

    “You know. The new system. It’s the wee.”

    “Aww hell no.”

    “Hell yes.”

    “Sounds like someone needs to take a piss.”

    “I know.”



    Long Live the REVOLUTION!

  23. Anonymous says:

    This is what I’ve collected from the pro-wii:

    1. “Successful branding.”
    Successful how? 9 out of 10 hate it? Successful, to me, is when MOST people like it.

    2. “It fits exactly what Nintendo is trying to do.”
    If you agree that Nintendo is trying to scare off its older 20 year old gamers, the ones who have supported Nintendo all along, you’re right. Otherwise,

    3. “It’s futuristic and forward thinking.”
    Futuristic? Because not only does it have one, but two “i”‘s like the iPod?
    Forward thinking does not mean suggesting pissing, nice try.
    WRONG, and WRONG.

    4. “Don’t let a name turn you away.”
    …Unless it means “us” using old English, or pissing.

    5. “Looks and sounds sophisticated.”
    Don’t even go there.

    Ninty is aiming at a non-gamers, also. Alright, for you fanboys, here’s some TRUE non-gamers’ opinions. When I told my mom and sisters, who don’t even care, they responded with “How sick!” and “It sounds gay.” Alright Nintendo, you’ve already turned off your target market, now what?

    Fanboys, shut the hell up, you know its a horrible name, so don’t try to justify it. Unless you’re seven and enjoy kiddie words, it’s a bad name.

    Long Live the REVOLUTION

  24. Frisby says:

    It’s really not that important.

    I want to play the effin games.

    Have a few conversations calling it Wii and youll get over yourself

  25. SadSadSad says:

    Wii sounds small and simple. Why would Nintendo choose a name that to some people would think of as small and simple? Also, Wii sounds very childish, unlike Revolution… I’m sad.

  26. Anonymous says:

    I just cant wait now to get my hand on my new wiimote. This ought to help ppl who cant pronounce r

  27. Black Adonis says:

    Your panel of opinionists have this to say: “‘How sick!” and “It sounds gay.'” That’s very analytical and I see all their points now. Where was my head? The marketing wizards aren’t working for Nintendo, they’re on messageboards, asking their eloquent mothers and sisters what they think Nintendo should name their new system. And we should all llisten to the self-proclaimed super hard core gamer that wants you to buy his opinion, but can’t get his opinion off the ground without saying something trite or juvenile: “Well dude, it sucks because, like, it sucks and it’s totally gay and sucks ass and makes my unreceptive mind think of nothing more than urine.” And it’s obviously Nintendo’s fault that 9 out of 10 hard-core gamers can’t see the forest beyond the trees that have the word “urine” carved in their trunks. And I also love the clairvoyant market analysts who have predicted that Nintendo’s demise will come from this single name change.

    A fanatic (or ‘fanboy’ as so many webchimps like to say) doesn’t know the first thing about reason. They can’t reason why things happen, they just know how to chime-in and get carried away, relying on blind emotion alone. When I start hearing arguments that extend beyond “wii” sounding like “pee” or “9 out of 10 pimply whiny gamers that bother to vote at gamer sites hate this,” I might look at the name “wii” differently, but for now, I see nothing wrong with it. It doesn’t offend anyone (except for people offended by close realtion to the words “pee”). It isn’t radical. And it’s easy to say.

  28. morningstarrising says:

    REVOLUTION…I bet you Reggie came up with that. lol.

    But really this is like getting a new Apple product with out Steve Jobs spin. MAY 11 at the Kodak theater, the spin will come and love it or hate it, Wii won’t go away.

  29. Jibaro009 says:

    Anyway I’ll still get the revolution I mean the Wii.

  30. Anonymous says:

    Its nolonger E3, but Wii3 because that will be all that people are talking about. No more PS3 cell sh*t. No more Halo 3 sh*t. The talk will be Nintendo good or bad and it will steal the thunder from the other sys… what were the others called again?

    I can’t wait for Wii3!

  31. vakerorokero says:

    after a whole day of thinking I like the name now. It’s not gay. it’s not kiddie. It’s a fun name. It sounds different or rather new than Xbox sequel & Playstation Third strike. they didn’t drop the controller that makes it original. They say they gave it a lot of thinking inside the company so they did think about repercusions from “juvenile” gamers. If you don’t like thew new name call it revolution as most of us know it. whatever. They have yet to reveal secrets. They might make more sense after we know everthing. Quit Whinning!

  32. Anonymous says:

    “When I start hearing arguments that extend beyond “wii” sounding like “pee” or “9 out of 10 pimply whiny gamers that bother to vote at gamer sites hate this,” I might look at the name “wii” differently, but for now, I see nothing wrong with it. It doesn’t offend anyone (except for people offended by close realtion to the words “pee”). It isn’t radical. And it’s easy to say.”

    Except that those 9 out of 10 gamers “bothering” to vote in the polls also “vote” with their wallets when the next-gen systems are eventually launched. Oops, you lose.

    And despite what you think, the name of a product DOES matter. Geez, how stupid does it have to be before you accept the plain and obvious fact that the reaction so far has been overwhelmingly negative? Do they have to call it the Nintendo Nerdbox before you stop justifying their poor decisions, wake up and smell the coffee?

    And since when was a console’s name being “easy to say” a major selling point? GameCube is easy to say, and I don’t see that flying off the shelves anywhere but Japan. Oh, and Wii is only easy to say after somebody tells you how to say it. Prepare for an onslaught of soccer moms everywhere wandering into GameStop asking “Hay, do you have any of those… ‘Why-ai’ thingamajiggers?”

    Someone else on another forum said it better: A name which needs as much explanation as the one Nintendo gives on revolution.nintendo.com is not a good name. They claim it’s so self-explanatory and non-confusing, but all the critics have been able to talk about is how confused they are about why Nintendo would choose such a bizarre name. The fact that it also happens to be a euphemism for pee (again, accept it or not, it’s NOT a selling point) is just another cringe-worthy bonus.

    I’m still going to get one, but I was already going to get one anyway, regardless of what they called it. You can write off people’s opinions if you want, but at the end of the day, the average Joe Q. Consumer who DOES care about a product’s image and needs more convincing than established Nintendo fans doesn’t buy something that sounds stupid.

  33. Black Adonis says:

    hey Anonymous, I like debating, so I’ll reiterate your points and show you your flaws.

    #1 9 out of 10 gamers that vote at sites directed toward hardcore gamers vote with their wallet when the next-gen systems are “eventually” launched. You don’t establish a correlation between name likeability and sales here, so I’ll assume you meant to. Should I also assume that you’re saying that everyone who doesn’t like the name will definitely not buy the system. Even if this were the case, Nintendo have told us many times that they’ll only succeed by expanding the market. In other words, going after hardcore gamers alone will cause Nintendo to fail, so even IF everyone who doesn’t like the name doesn’t buy the system, that number (although a majority in the hardcore gaming community) will not be a majority of Nintendo’s target consumers.

    #2 The name of a PRODUCT does matter. Well, a products name must fulfill two requirements: Dominant mind share, and copyright protection. “Wii” has gained tremendous mind share from all the current fervor and it’s a name that’s only a day old. Love it or hate it, it resonates in people’s minds. The peculiar spelling of Wii ensures copyright protection. Out of the many speculated names for the console, Nintendo managed to choose one that allowed for immediate domain registration the morning of the name’s release (nintendowii.com). That makes Wii a very safe and secure trademark.

    #3 Since when is a console’s name being easy to say a major selling point, you ask? Well, if it’s easy to say, it’s easy to repeat, it’s easy to slip into the lexicon of consumers, it’s easy to be heard of, and it’s easy to get the word out that Nintendo has a product called the “Wii”. You must be able to see the benefit in that.

    #4 Does the name “Wii” need much explanation? It’s not even a real word. Sure, you can be cynical and dismiss the ideals of Ninty’s press release, but even if you do that, it’s just a three letter word phonetically identical to “We”. And that confuses you? Do you lay awake at night pondering the significance or etymology of the brandnames i-pod, vaio, levitra, google, fudrucker’s, bayer, nuprin, or wachovia? Why should it be any different for the Nintendo Wii then?

    #5 And yes, Joe Consumer is a fickle beast and years of market insecurity does force him to compensate for his utter lack of coolness by purchasing items that make him, at the very least, seem cool. He would certainly prefer the Nintendo “UltraShinySleek-5000” with included beer cozies and pinups of the sexy “Ladies of Nintendo.” But what about Jane Consumer, and Jane’s European relative, Jeanette Consumer? What’s good for Joe may very well turn off everyone else. Wii is actually an internationally neutral name once you get past the juvenile snickering that’s so prevalent in America. “Revolution” just wasn’t as neutral a name at all and the name would only appeal to hardcore gamers and people who identify with extreme political ideologies (a very small minority no matter where you go in the world).

  34. Anonymous says:

    I like debating too, black adonis, so apparently I need a screen name.

    I will admit that the name won’t stop me from buying it, whatever it’s called, if that makes you any happier. I was pretty mad when I first heard the name, though.

    1. By successful branding, I simply meant that wii will stop some people from buying the system. I guess I shouldn’t have said 9/10 because I can’t prove that exact figure. Sorry. I meant a lot of people.

    2. Wii does show what Ninty is trying to do: bring people together. That’s great. I just don’t like the name.

    3. I suppose wii could be considered futuristic and forward thinking (maybe), but way too many people, including me, don’t like it.

    4. Alright, I said I’m buying the system, so technically it didn’t turn me away.

    5. IMO, it doesn’t sound sophisticated, but I do kinda like the look of Wii. I guess.

    I think you just were looking too deeply into my vented anger (which is all it was). I didn’t expect such an interpreted response. Hopefully this clarifies what I was trying to say, since I have had time to think about it.

    Honestly, what was wrong with Revolution? I still hold firm on my former stance. If you respond, just let me know if you had a problem with Revolution.

    Long Live the Revolution

  35. Anonymous says:

    I like it, when i hear it i think of kirby jumping around in a perfect world going Wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii.

    but then i like cute and somewhat silly things, most westerners dont.

  36. Black Adonis says:

    Thanks, Anonymous. You should get a screen name and post a follow up so I know who you are. I really enjoyed our debate and it broke up the monotony of late night cramming.

    To answer your question, I liked the name “Revolution” a lot. When I first heard the name last year, it confirmed all the disillusionment that I had with the industry at the time. I saw that games were beginning to pander almost exclusively to the same small demographic and I was afraid that there would be a market backlash and a subsequent period of stagnation within the industry–all from too many visits to the same well.

    I felt that the name “Revolution” fully embodied a new beginning–an interpretation that could be entirely different from someone else’s. The word “Revolution” has some very negative conotations for many people. I’ve had countless professors use the word disparagingly. I’ve heard too many campus activists affectionately refer to violent extremists as “revolutionaries.” It’s a charged word that could easily focus a lot of unwanted attention on Nintendo. Of course “Wii” does eicit some childish snickers, but IMO it’s better to invoke childishly-innocent humor than super-jading rhetoric.

    People will get used to the Wii. The logo is appealing and simple. Consumers like the letter “i” because it appeals to their individuality. These are all good explanations of why Nintendo went with this name, but after it’s all said and done, people will buy The Wii because they like what it can do and they won’t give much thought to how it got its name.

  37. Doughboy74 says:

    It doesn’t matter about the name. I am still getting one. I always liked the ‘Ultra 64’ better than the N64. I still feel that the GameCube name is better than Playstation name. Just synonyms… Game=Play, Cube=Station… I will be happy with my new, revolutionized Nintendo!

  38. mortenfriis says:

    Yeah, I know I’m being pedantic, but it’s not called Nintendo Wii, but just Wii (like in “just Jack!” I assume :P)

    From the Game Informer interview with NOA PR manager Matt Atwood:
    “What I like about it is, it’s not about abbreviating anything. There will be no abbreviation needed. There is no Nintendo Wii. It’s just Wii. It’s a very inclusive name in that respect.”

    I really like the abbreviation NWii though (like the feeling every other console company out there must have).

  39. Fábio says:

    Just to post something here today:

    “SadSadSad said…

    Wii sounds small and simple. Why would Nintendo choose a name that to some people would think of as small and simple? Also, Wii sounds very childish, unlike Revolution… I’m sad.”

    Ninty WANTS is to be SAMLL AND SIMPLE. Belive me, PS3 or XBOX360 will keep lots of buyers away of their systems. That sounds too complex to non-gamers. Simple names are more world wide. Hardcore gamers will know that wii is NOT simple, though it is small, and will buy it to try the new controller, the new ideas. Non gamers will buy becouse it is simple. You said everything.

    Buy the way, if thei called their system “World Interactive Interface” or some other stuff just like it, people would start to call it wii and there would not be all this free marketing.

    Just to finish, I always liked the saying: “Keep it simple.” That says everything.


  40. David says:

    I showed the new name to two non-gamer/average-gamer people today.

    They both pronounced it right and both asked, “Is their new system really small?” Neither made fun of the name and one thought it was much more marketable than Revolution.

  41. Nicholas Roussos says:

    I don’t think the name will prevent anyone from buying it. The people who feel like they won’t buy it because of the name will change their mind once they realize everyone else doesn’t care.

    No “mature” gamer will care at all.

  42. InvisibleMan says:

    Black Adonis,

    I think the problem with the name “Revolution” is that it evokes a break from the past. But isn’t Nintendo trying to bring both old and new games into this new system?

    To me, “Wii” is neither dissappointing nor pleasing, just intriguing, which was probably what Nintendo intended.

  43. FAMICOM83 says:

    The fact that the word Wii “We or Wee” makes you think of urinating means your just a child and should not even be commenting on this. I have not thought of my penis or taking a piss as a wee wee, or pee pee since I was 3 or 4.

    If people think Wii is a bad name not in itself but due to the fact it reminds you of a penis or urinating, then you should not be playing video games in the first place!

    Your entitled to your own opinion but if you think Wii = pee pee….you’re a child, Nintendo does not need you and will not miss your pessimistic and cynical attitude

  44. vakerorokero says:




  45. popdem says:

    They could have put any letter before the two ii’s and it would have been better… excluding mii and pii.. consider these…




















    this is not including the hundreds of thousands of words in a multitude of languages that managed to escape them… words that would have been infinately better than wii… it just doesn’t sound good… in a poll… no one with half a mind would choose wii over all the other available words in the world… in fact… i would vote “we” number one for producing the worst sounding two letter english word in available existance… and somehow a panel of “professional” people got so carried away with their meetings that they managed to agree upon naming one of the potentially greatest products in recent history … wii?… the majorities reactions speak for themselves…

    by the way… people will still buy this… because its still going to be great… but its not going to make people enjoy or relate well to playing with their wii… this name will be synonymous with folly… and this system will be its epitome of contradiction…

    their real advertisement should be this…


    their slogans would best be:



  46. Anonymous says:

    Wii……. OK, so WTF?

    and what was wrong with the PERFECT name: Revolution?

  47. will_zelda_tp_ever_arrive says:

    black adonis: i finally got a screen name, so i thought i’d let you know

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