First Cursed Mountain review isn’t all that credible, but still glowing

Cursed Mountain Wii

Cursed Mountain is made by a bunch of nobody developers with no pedigree. I don’t mean that in a malicious way, just that Deep Silver has yet to make a name for themselves (if ever). Nevertheless, their latest survival horror for Wii has elicited some pre-release interest for having a rad name, being easy on the eyes, and taking place on Mount Everest or something (and who doesn’t like mountain settings). So is it any good?

The first review I found thinks so. “Stellar sound production, great voice acting and a truly eerie soundtrack add to the visual power on display and really bring the game world to life,” writes an uknown blog by the name of Destroy All Fanboys. “Those gamers with a poor sense of direction will be cursing mountains because there’s no map, and anyone looking for tons of “New Game+” features will be disappointed by the linear structure the 13 levels provide. Still, these complaints are subjective’Cursed Mountain succeeds extremely well as the first quality horror adventure experience on the Wii.”

I’m listening. Infendo’s review is forthcoming.