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After seeing indexed news that we break be reported by other sites, we’re ready for Google to take notice. While we’ve suggested our site to the search index, we’d love to get your recommendation. If you appreciate what we do around here, suggest Infendo as a Google News source.

Thanks to all you readers out there, and we’ll do our best to keep you in the know. And while you’re at it, download the Infendo desktop (if you haven’t already).


  1. Done and done. 🙂

  2. recommended. Great Site. Hope you guys get that “Official Seal Of Quality” soon… You are a truly Nintendo site for the fans…

  3. done
    great site for nintendo news!
    highly recommended!

  4. Just did that.

    Man I’ve been suggesting your site to almost everyone I know. It’s a great fansite, it really is. BTW, The other site that I like is Darkenedjib’s site (

    On a lighter note, If you guys wanna join a gaming forum, join “Digital Share”. There are a lot of nice guys including Darkenedjib (and myself). Digital Share is a really nice community. Please follow the link if you would like to join.

  5. I did it!

    Is there anyway we could get the Infendo desktop without the words. I love that background!

  6. Recommended the site and got the desktop a loooong time ago 😉
    Where’s the sense in deleting the words ?!? Though that backgroudn really is very very nice…
    Maybe another version with just a smaller in a corner ?

  7. Done and almost done. (Gotta download the desktop for home since I am at work!)

    It’s a beautiful desktop!

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