So long, GameCube – Commercial Success?

Nintendo made several attempts to advertise GameCube to video game consumers with mixed results. An early ad in Japan seems cluttered and a bit manic:


Advertisements that ran in the UK and US took a bit more serious and surreal tone. While beautiful, this series of commercials may have been too weird to capture a wide audience:

Even game-specific ads made some bold attempts. Admiral Ackbar was called back to active duty and given a lame catch phrase for a series of Rogue Squadron ads:

And finally we see a near-cinematic masterpiece for Metroid Prime. If the Metroid movie is half as cool as this ad, we’re in for a treat:

So despite a few good commercials and ad campaigns, Nintendo’s promotions for the GameCube were mostly failures. How can Nintendo get it right when promoting Wii?

“So long, GameCube” is an Infendo GameCube salute and five-part series celebrating the final month before the launch of Wii. Part 1Part 2