Find Mii review: Is the ending worth the effort? (Spoilers!)

Find Mii, the built-in 3DS RPG, is designed to motivate owners to carry the 3DS around town, since pedometer coins and/or Streetpass encounters are necessary for play. It certainly worked on me; I’ve been carrying the 3DS on my commute since launch day, fighting demons and ghosts nearly every night, and I’ve finally beaten the funny little adventure. Was it worth playing through?

With whimsical character designs, lots of humor and a terrific final boss, Find Mii turns out to be a solid, fun little game. It can only be played about a minute per day (and can’t be played at all if you haven’t earned coins or had a recent Streetpass encounter), so it comes across as a 3DS after-dinner mint; it’s a nice bonus, nothing more nor less. The 3D looks amazing. The game’s attitude captures the goofy Mii vibe Nintendo’s been cultivating (“Hero gets tired and goes home.”) The gameplay–once you figure out how to effectively balance magic and swordplay (and which combinations to never, ever activate)–is great fun, though aggravatingly brief.

So, what’s the final reward? What wonders await when you finally save your king? Spoilers ahead!

I was hoping to be rewarded with a coin-free, play-as-much-as-you-want version of the game, but no such luck–at least, not on the first go-round. You get a cut-scene of your king’s rescue–which, again, perfectly fits the world of Mii humor–and open a treasure chest containing a special Mii Plaza hat; You’ll probably have guessed what it is at that point. You get a fun scrolling list (in 3D) of which hero defeated which monster (more fun if you had a lot of Streetpass Miis–My list was all cats and rabbits) and a final tally of how many heroes you used to complete the game (178 for me–and 50 of those were for the final boss). Finally, you get a crazy 3D celebration with your King and all the heroes dancing and hopping in and out of shot while waving and acting silly as the game asks if you’d like to start over and earn additional hats. You can leave this celebration and the hero roll call on your 3DS indefinitely if you don’t accept the offer.

Do I like the game enough to play through again? Could a second win reveal something else? Am I really that gullible? Check back in a couple of months…