Find Mii review: Is the ending worth the effort? (Spoilers!)

Find Mii, the built-in 3DS RPG, is designed to motivate owners to carry the 3DS around town, since pedometer coins and/or Streetpass encounters are necessary for play. It certainly worked on me; I’ve been carrying the 3DS on my commute since launch day, fighting demons and ghosts nearly every night, and I’ve finally beaten the funny little adventure. Was it worth playing through?

With whimsical character designs, lots of humor and a terrific final boss, Find Mii turns out to be a solid, fun little game. It can only be played about a minute per day (and can’t be played at all if you haven’t earned coins or had a recent Streetpass encounter), so it comes across as a 3DS after-dinner mint; it’s a nice bonus, nothing more nor less. The 3D looks amazing. The game’s attitude captures the goofy Mii vibe Nintendo’s been cultivating (“Hero gets tired and goes home.”) The gameplay–once you figure out how to effectively balance magic and swordplay (and which combinations to never, ever activate)–is great fun, though aggravatingly brief.

So, what’s the final reward? What wonders await when you finally save your king? Spoilers ahead!

I was hoping to be rewarded with a coin-free, play-as-much-as-you-want version of the game, but no such luck–at least, not on the first go-round. You get a cut-scene of your king’s rescue–which, again, perfectly fits the world of Mii humor–and open a treasure chest containing a special Mii Plaza hat; You’ll probably have guessed what it is at that point. You get a fun scrolling list (in 3D) of which hero defeated which monster (more fun if you had a lot of Streetpass Miis–My list was all cats and rabbits) and a final tally of how many heroes you used to complete the game (178 for me–and 50 of those were for the final boss). Finally, you get a crazy 3D celebration with your King and all the heroes dancing and hopping in and out of shot while waving and acting silly as the game asks if you’d like to start over and earn additional hats. You can leave this celebration and the hero roll call on your 3DS indefinitely if you don’t accept the offer.

Do I like the game enough to play through again? Could a second win reveal something else? Am I really that gullible? Check back in a couple of months…


  1. It’s worth playing again a second time… I just started (and yes it seems much easier now, especially now that I know how to play better) and there are new hats (to fill the hat list that’s not full after 1 play through).

    It seems you get the new hats at the same spots as the first time through but these are new versions! I started playing through a second time and already know what the final boss will give as a hat as I saw it whiel watching the Nintendo Channel on the wii.

    Overall, it’s pretty awesome but after I beat it the second time, I don’t plan on restarting it again… unless Nintendo has some sort of special treat to do so… lol. Perhaps there will be an upgrade available to this game on the eshop in the future! I really enjoyed the adventure! lol

  2. I’ve had a great time playing Find Mii. Im only about half way through it though. I bet Nintendo made the game to keep us busy and distracted while they take FOREVER to release the eshop and internet browser lol.

  3. After beating it once, I haven’t played it much again.
    But it was definitely fun going through it. And the hats I’ve gotten have been rather awesome (especially the Samus helmet).

    I just want them to release more things for it, otherwise it’ll have no more use for me once I earn everything. 🙁

  4. love find mii! i hope they update it through patches and stuff

  5. Find Mii has been my favorite 3DS games so far (and that includes retail releases). It’s too bad that you only had cats and rabbits; it’s pretty awesome having some level 7 human Mii characters kicking all sorts of ghost ass. There are some annoyances with the game (like not being able to switch the ordering of your Miis BEFORE you go in the dark room).

    I doubt it’s very likely, but I would love it if they would at least give you new hats that you could earn every now and then or new ghosts to fight. Really, I would just like anything to give new incentive to keep playing Find Mii. I still play it any time I get a streetpass, but I won’t spend any coins on it now that I have all the hats.

  6. In my opinion- no the ending is not worth it. Neither are the hats.

    In fact the only reason I’m playing it is because I have nothing else to do with my 3DS until better games show up.

  7. Brett: same here. I don’t even like most of the hats I have come across so far anyway. I may just prefer my mii hatless, I don’t know.

    Maybe ill buy ghost recon or whatev

  8. @Juja
    Actually you can have Dogs if you made your Mii Settings to say that your favorite animals are dogs.

  9. best launch game on the 3ds, and the best part its free.

  10. If I ever get to play it I’ll comment on it.

  11. I like my Luigi hat… my current Mii hat.

  12. I was just disappointed that it didn’t pass the records of the number of heroes I used over to the new game… D:

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