New Super Mario Bros. 2 Gameplay From Japan

As I mentioned in a previous podcast, I was a little worried that the New Super Mario Bros. 2 would focus too much on the coin collection, and not enough on the actual game play or storyline.  I think that I might have judged the game too soon. Japan has released two commercials that show a bit more of the game play, including a Giant Boo, a possible Koopalings chase, giant rocks falling under wat...

What’s your favorite new gameplay element in Mario Kart 7? Mine buys kart parts

Don’t you love diving into a new Mario Kart game? You get the fun of discovery, the return of old friends, the annoyance of that one guy online picking SNES Rainbow Road every single time… In this generally terrific game, I’ve discovered additions I like more than I thought I would (Lucky 7) and some not so much (Super Leaf). The return of Gold Coins, however–and their new ...

Find Mii review: Is the ending worth the effort? (Spoilers!)

Find Mii, the built-in 3DS RPG, is designed to motivate owners to carry the 3DS around town, since pedometer coins and/or Streetpass encounters are necessary for play. It certainly worked on me; I’ve been carrying the 3DS on my commute since launch day, fighting demons and ghosts nearly every night, and I’ve finally beaten the funny little adventure. Was it worth playing through?