FCC approves new Wii remote, MotionPlus built-in?


Not only has the Federal Communication Commission (FCC) inadvertently revealed information regarding the 3Ds’ screens, but it’s also tipped us off to a new version of the Wii remote. The new Wii remote which sports an RVL-036 label instead of the current RVL-003 branding was approved by the FCC, but manufacturer Hon Hai Precision–also known as Foxconn–submitted a confidentiality request which has prevented the FCC from publishing any specific details about the device until November 7, 2010.

This new Wii remote could be a simple revision including Bluetooth chips from a new supplier that require FCC approval, but it is possible that it contains new features. Some have noticed the addition of a seam which isn’t present in current Wii remotes and speculate that this new remote will have Motion Plus capabilities built-in. It sounds entirely plausible and even like a good announcement for E3. What say you, Infendites?

[Thanks, Markus!]


  1. Id love to see motion-plus integration into the controller but I think that may wait till the next gen home console from Ninty. I think another possibility is that they streamlined the hardware/tech inside the standard wiimote to boost battery life and/or range of bluetooth connectivity and pointer.

  2. I think there is a 3rd-party controller that has motion plus built in>

  3. I think that wii motion plus would be a great addition. Ive still only got 3 wiimotes,so id probably buy one. lol. But in my opinion, if this is built in wii motion plus,i would of thought that it would have been introduced with the new wii bundle.

  4. I like “Infendoids” better than “Infendites”….

  5. I will not buy a motion plus until that controller is out, I like the idea very much. I only have two so that would be a nice third controller. I wonder if they would make small improvements to the Wii on E3.

  6. I recently bought the Nyko Wand+ that has the wii motion plus tech built in… but after a week of use, it stopped working right. I’m about to try and return it to the store.

  7. What if the redesign is so that you can plug a Nunchuck and a Vitality Sensor in at the same time?

  8. I just finished putting a Wii Motion+ inside a Wiimote. I find it to be quite enjoyable to use, espically if you have to hold it sideways – the Motion+ doesn’t get in the way. I would like to try the Nyko one but I’m not crazy about the way it looks…