FCC approves new Wii remote, MotionPlus built-in?

Not only has the Federal Communication Commission (FCC) inadvertently revealed information regarding the 3Ds’ screens, but it’s also tipped us off to a new version of the Wii remote. The new Wii remote which sports an RVL-036 label instead of the current RVL-003 branding was approved by the FCC, but manufacturer Hon Hai Precision–also known as Foxconn–submitted a confidentiality request which has prevented the FCC from publishing any specific details about the device until November 7, 2010.

This new Wii remote could be a simple revision including Bluetooth chips from a new supplier that require FCC approval, but it is possible that it contains new features. Some have noticed the addition of a seam which isn’t present in current Wii remotes and speculate that this new remote will have Motion Plus capabilities built-in. It sounds entirely plausible and even like a good announcement for E3. What say you, Infendites?

[Thanks, Markus!]