Nintendo Third-Quarter Financial Results

The Rift

As posted below, Nintendo’s 2012 wasn’t exactly bringing in coin like Mario swimming in Scrooge McDuck’s money pool, but it did have a few victories along the way.

Nintendo’s third-quarter financial results are in, covering the first nine months of its fiscal year (through December 31st).  The 3DS hardware did see a sales increase (up 11% Year on year), and the software saw a significant increase (up 41% Year on year).  However, those sales increases were not enough to offset the loss experienced by the Wii and DS (hardware and software).  The company has returned to profibility, though, due primarily by foreign exchange currency exchange gains.


Nintendo hopes that its highly anticipated release of titles, beginning in March, will drive the sales through 2014.

Through the first nine months of the fiscal year (period ending December 2013), Nintendo has shipped 21.45 Million hardware units and 126.57 Million software units worldwide!  The global sales are broken down below in millions of units and are categorized by Hardware/software as well as fiscal year units and lifetime units:


As you can see, there is definitely a demand for Nintendo products worldwide.  With the upcoming release of some highly anticipated games, Nintendo is sure to continue meeting the demands of the fans throughout their next fiscal year.  However, what will happen throughout the remaining three months of this fiscal year?  Do you think Nintendo can continue to increase sales to remain profitable?  Do you think that just “meeting” the demands of the fans is good enough, or is it necessary to exceed demands?

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