Wii anniversaries, continued

To further celebrate the Wiimote’s 5-year anniversary (thanks, Blake!) I thought I’d dig up some old Nintendo YouTube commercials depicting all the fun launch games that came out for the Wii back in 2006 and play them here on Infendo. Enjoy! UPDATED:

FCC approves new Wii remote, MotionPlus built-in?

Not only has the Federal Communication Commission (FCC) inadvertently revealed information regarding the 3Ds’ screens, but it’s also tipped us off to a new version of the Wii remote. The new Wii remote which sports an RVL-036 label instead of the current RVL-003 branding was approved by the FCC, but manufacturer Hon Hai Precision–also known as Foxconn–submitted a confiden...

Best Of The Worst Wiimote Add-Ons

Ever since the Wii was released third party attachment and peripheral makers have been having a field day. If it’ll attach to your Wii remote, it’ll sell. If it’ll make you feel like the hero in the game while simultaneously making people question your mental faculties, it’s a hot item in the minds of third party peripheral and attachment makers.