Best Of The Worst Wiimote Add-Ons

Trauma Center Wiimote Add-onEver since the Wii was released third party attachment and peripheral makers have been having a field day. If it’ll attach to your Wii remote, it’ll sell. If it’ll make you feel like the hero in the game while simultaneously making people question your mental faculties, it’s a hot item in the minds of third party peripheral and attachment makers.

While out at a Fry’s Electronics in California, I spotted what I believe to be the best example of a bad Wiimote attachment. For the princely sum of $2.49 you too can be like Doctor Stiles when you use high quality plastic surgical attachments like scalpels and tweezers in surgery. Granted, the attachment isn’t worth a significant amount of your hard-earned money, but would you really stop in the middle of a surgery and flip through the plastic attachments to find the right one? I didn’t think so.

Have some of your own “best of the worst” add-ons? Let us know in the comments!