Accessory Check

Crossfire Pistol Elegantly Designed, but Misfires

Wii owners are long since familiar with the “Plastic Plague” of crappy gaming peripherals that have come our way.  Even Nintendo themselves are guilty, creating a plastic wheel, and the infamous “zapper,” both little more than plastic molds to cram your remote into.  For me, the former always left something to be desired – the official plastic shell places the trig...

Ever use Third Party shell Products? The B.O.S.S. is a product by PDP to help make those WiiMotes more playable

This Big Oversized Super Shell, (get it the boss!) is a plastic grip that clips securely on top of a Wii remote. It main goal is to enlarge the action buttons and the D-pad to make it handle better for those with bigger, adult like hands. Did anyone really struggle playing New Super Mario Bros Wii with the WiiMote by itself?

R.O.B.’d of glory

These days R.O.B. may be relegated to niche cameo character status in games like Super Smash Bros. Brawl, but it wasn’t always this way. The Escapist takes a look today at what was once Nintendo’s choice to lead their brand in the 1990s. As we all know, he (and they) failed miserably.

Best Of The Worst Wiimote Add-Ons

Ever since the Wii was released third party attachment and peripheral makers have been having a field day. If it’ll attach to your Wii remote, it’ll sell. If it’ll make you feel like the hero in the game while simultaneously making people question your mental faculties, it’s a hot item in the minds of third party peripheral and attachment makers.

Random Saturday – No. 4

This is random Saturday where we present you with a random picture to give a caption or title. So would you kindly give this picture a caption? Find out what last weeks title was after the break.

Ultimate Charging Station is big, has alarm clock

Just in case you were concerned that your Wii didn’t take up enough space, or was likely enough to catch fire, CTA Digital brings you the Ultimate Charging station for Wii: A base that contains your A/V, Power, and Sensor bar connections, a cooling fan, charging bases for two Wii-Remote as well as holding spots for Nunchuks, space up front for 4 additional rechargeable batteries, and of all ...

Behold, Nintendo’s inflatable horse Wii controller

Hey look, it’s a creepy man child riding an inflatable video game controller. He’s playing some kind of horseback riding game, and having a hell of a time at it too! Woo! And what’s this? What’s this you say? It was filed by Nintendo? Completely not shocked. Not shocked in the slightest. This is 100% real by the way. Looks like we have a nice, early look at the E3 2010 keyn...

Accessory Check: Energizer Induction Charging System

The nice people over a PDP sent me a cool accessory to review, and it’s something that is actually very useful for those who want to save some cash. This induction charging system for your Wii Remotes, keep your stuff charged and ready to go for your all night gaming sessions. What’s pretty interesting is there is nothing you have to plug the remote into, you just place it on a dock. T...