Fatal Frame Translation progressing Nicely

Since Nintendo acquired the rights to Fatal Frame, I have always been optimistic of a new release in the horror franchise. Especially since the Wii controls would work very well with taking pictures of the ghosts. Yet when Nintendo announced that they had no intention of bringing the game over to the west I was crushed. That was until I learned about a fan translation team translating the game!

As of right now a fan translation team have been preparing an English patch, and say that it is nearing completion at 93 percent. Something to mention is that they aren’t doing the patch as a normal “rom or iso” patch.

The way they are doing it is that it will read off the SD card and work with the official copy of the game. As the patch will have the game look for certain files such as the audio voice tracks, text, and some graphics on the SD card. Which is a very unique way of running a patch, and because of this they are also encouraging people to purchase the game to support the developer.

Even still, it still looks like you will need a Japanese Wii, or at least the homebrew channel to get this working.

[Via zero4.higashinoeden.com]

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