Upcoming Nintendo Switch Games for 2018

Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch came as Nintendo’s reaction to a bad sale of Wii U and losses in the financial quarter. Announced in 2014, it was released back in March 2017. It went on to sell more than 14 million units in the first year. The success of the gaming console was because of the launch of famous games like Super Mario Odyssey.

As Nintendo Switch approaches the second year, there are lot more titles than ever, to be added to their already long list of fantastic games. With an awesome bunch of new entries, it’s quite difficult to select a few to list here. After some perusal, here’s the list for you.

Kirby Star Allies

Release date: March 2018

Developed by: HAL Laboratory

Kirby is a much-loved creature and has games in its name for years now. It’s time the pink puff got a revamp and an HD makeover too. You will be able to team up with 3 more player-controlled characters to solve puzzles and collect hidden treasures.

The Attack on Titan 2: Future Coordinates

Release date: 2018

Developed by: Omega Force

This sequel to Attack on Titan is based on the second season of the famous anime show Attack on Titan. Not many details on this game are available at this point. It has been said that this game will be launching on various gaming consoles at the same time. One thing you can expect is to hack away at the Titans.

Mario Tennis Aces

Release date: Spring 2018

Developed by: Camelot Software Planning

Mario is one of the favourite games to play from kids to adults. Now, Mario Tennis Aces make its debut on Nintendo Switch. Along with playing tennis, Mario also takes you on a host of missions.

Donkey Kong: Jungle Freeze

Release date: 2018

Developed by: Retro Studios

Wii U might not be a success as the developers thought. But the Donkey Kong game; everyone loved that game on Wii U. Donkey Kong is now launching in Nintendo Switch and it is also bringing a friend. And they are introducing a two-player mode.


Release date: 2018

Developed by: Re-logic

Terraria is likened to Minecraft by gamers. It’s one of those games which are totally addictive. You start with very basic tools but as you keep playing, you learn the intricacies of the game.


Release date: 2018

Developed by: Nintendo

Not many details are available on Yoshi. Yoshi has already had a run around with other consoles and is one of the fan favourites. It is speculated that Yoshi will have Switch only features too.

Blaz Blue: Cross Tag Title

Release date: 2018

Developed by: ARC System Works

Though there are several video games with tag team fighting feature, BlazBlue occupies a special place in the gaming world. Already with many game titles under its belt, the BlazBlue has built its reputation as strong fighting series. Cross Tag title is expected to feature 2×2 feature and exceed expectations.

Nintendo Labo

Release date: April 2018

Developed by: Nintendo

Nintendo is known for reinventing the concept of gaming. It’s no surprise that it has come up with Nintendo Labo which lets you build your own peripherals and play games with them. It also comes with a software to let you know how it all fits and works in Nintendo Switch.

These games are bound to catch your interest if you are a gamer. If you are not, it’s time you buy yourself a Nintendo Switch Console and get yourself some games. You need not be a gamer to try these games, you can be someone who wants to unwind from a stressful day. Whoever you are, get ready to get your mind blown. While the Nintendo Switch has undoubtedly had a fantastic first year, a top-rated casino online UK has listed out the upcoming Nintendo Switch Games for you to take advantage of. We will let you know as more Nintendo Switch games drop. In the meantime, you can enjoy these games on the go!