Fabulous Folders Follow in Fresh Firmware’s Wake…in 3D!

Alliteration aside, for those who are unaware, the 3DS’s latest firmware update brought with it an exciting addition (at least for me) – folders! This is the first time in Nintendo’s history that the option to sort software into individual folders has been made available to the players, and I must say that it’s about bloody time the 3DS adopted this feature.

With so many new, sexy games (and plenty of older, sexy ones, too) becoming available for purchase lately, not to mention the twenty Ambassador titles some 3DS owners scored, it’s safe to say that at this point many 3DS menus are probably becoming more crowded than a Goomba anger management seminar (they always look so confrontational).

But, what’s this? Firmware to the rescue! Pages and pages of games and software on my 3DS menu have been reduced to a single, organized page with labeled folders containing all my goodies. That’s good news, since previous organizational methods only last so long when a steady stream of games forces you to shift every piece of software over a square to make room for newcomers.

One might ask, however – why all the hullabaloo for folders? Well, as previously stated, this has never happened before on a Nintendo console, and the fact that it’s happening now means that there’s enough software worth the time of day to even bother sorting – there’s tons of it, and there’s more on the way. Anyone else hear the news that New Super Mario Bros. 2 for the 3DS will also be Nintendo’s first major title available digitally upon release? If this marks the beginning of a new direction for the big N, then these seemingly insignificant folders, which we can customize however we wish, have suddenly become invaluable. That said, boot up those 3DS systems and snag the latest firmware update before…well, before the system forces you to do it anyway.

So, keep the games comin’, Nintendo, and thanks for all the fish – I mean folders.


7 Responses to Fabulous Folders Follow in Fresh Firmware’s Wake…in 3D!

  1. Blaise says:

    The 3DS menu definitely needed this, but I wish the folders didn’t look so bland. Just big, blue folders with a capital letter on it is an eyesore and takes away from the variation of colors I used to see on my menu with the gaming icons. It makes my dashboard look dull. Also, I have two folders that start with D, so that just looks silly.

    Haha I’m not really complaining about this. It was just an unintended consequence from Nintendo’s update. If you could design the folder covers in Colors 3D or through some other creative medium, that would be neat.

    I guess I can just spell words on my dashboard with the folders in a certain order.

  2. DevinShadowV says:

    Yeah the 3DS needed this since the ambassador program launched I was one of many of the ambassador players and the menu got too much and moving stuff what I wanted was getting annoying. Even though it took a year to get this out but yeah oh also finally that dam patch to MK7 finally jeez Nintendo finally fixed it but I still see players doing that trick which means they didn’t update there 3DS or they have jail broken 3DS. Then for Nintendo doing in future games buying full 3DS cart titles as downloadable titles really is a nice idea since the 3DS is not lock down on what SD cards you need for the system…well maybe small format for it but I personally don’t mind because if you paid the game and have a code if you lost your game and you can download the game through the e-shop so this could be a nice little backup if something happens.

  3. wakko1337 says:

    The patch isn’t out until May. The update just allowed it to be patched.

    Plus, it’s mandatory. You can’t get online in MK7 without the patch.
    Plus plus, you can’t “jailbreak” a 3DS. Successful hacks haven’t been accomplished as of yet.

  4. wakko1337 says:

    And I’m glad to see I’m not the only one that dislikes the blandness of the folders. The fact that my home menu is huge from having so many apps, and it is still huge with just five folders makes it look like a waste.

    @Blaise I did that the other day lol with my favorite quote from Blue Velvet:

    It seemed fitting, since the folders are blue XD

  5. The Adza says:

    Not a fan of the one letter naming system or just the plain blue folders. Even if I could just change the colour it would be nice. The biggest problem I have with the whole main menu is that I just can’t drag and drop something in the order I want and have everything move automatically. The folders help keep things tidy though. I had so much on there.

  6. ModestMrGreen says:

    Yeah, the folders are incredibly ugly, and only having a single character labeling the icon is really puzzling. I’d personally rather have the icons out, but unfortunately that means rearranging them every single time you download something to maintain organization (at least how I have things set up), so I did end up using the folders.

  7. Michael says:

    @Blaise: I hadn’t thought of spelling words with the folders…that’s a good idea. Haha.

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