Nintendo releases new Wii U firmware update

Nintendo has released a new system update for the Wii U today. The 4.02 update, according to Twitter user @TiLMEN, adds “further improvements to system stability and other minor adjustments.” This update will be the first of two updates coming to the Wii U, with the second coming in December to add combined eShop accounts with the 3DS. It is unclear what other improvements will be made...

Fabulous Folders Follow in Fresh Firmware’s Wake…in 3D!

Alliteration aside, for those who are unaware, the 3DS’s latest firmware update brought with it an exciting addition (at least for me) – folders! This is the first time in Nintendo’s history that the option to sort software into individual folders has been made available to the players, and I must say that it’s about bloody time the 3DS adopted this feature. With so many ne...

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