Everyone Wants a Revolution

Looks like not only Nintendo fans want a “revolution.” Game developers are fed up too. Here’s hoping that their employers will follow Nintendo’s lead and go out on a limb with some new hardware, interface devices, and gameplay. Even Nintendo has used the “repeat” model from time to time, but nothing like the majority of game publishers do. That’s not too say classic styles can’t be enjoyed anymore, just keep pushing creative limits.

Here’s to revolution gaming onward and forward.

From the article:

For the sake of the industry, for the sake of gamers who want to experience something new and cool, for the sake of developers who want to do more than the same-old same-old… we have to get out of this trap. If we don’t, as developers, all we will be doing for the rest of eternity is making nicer road textures and better-lit car models for games with the same basic gameplay as Pole Position.

[Source: Slashdot]


  1. I love the truth, it just reads so easily.

  2. Heh. One of the comments on Sladot linked to this. Look at the cast.

  3. Sladot… I’m stupid.

  4. Viva La Revolution!

  5. Gamers of the world, unite! You have nothing to lose but old games!

    The Revolution will be Televised!

    etc, etc

  6. gamers and developers will rule the world!!!!

  7. Hehe, well….
    I think that developers like Nintendo, just listen to Iwata’s GDC speech..
    I just hope that Nintendo can do something new….

    I’m still crying that some of the best companys no longer exist…
    Looking Glass ! You made great games !

  8. It is no suprise that developers are embrassing this drastic change in gaming that Nintendo is touting, even samll time developers will have a chance to make games easily and sell them with out having to worry about wether a store will retail it or even packaging and shipping.

    A small time developer could make a N64 game and sell it as if new online or even a SNES and NES game, these systems were great systems that allowed developers to fucos on creativity and storyline with out worry of losing millions.

    I expect not only a great line up of new revolution games but a continuation of games for older systems.

    I think we will see many new SNES and N64 games besides the pre existing games for such systems.

    This alone is truly a revolution.

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